GCC real estate conference 2016 in Dubai.

  • Better Informed
  • 05 Sep, 2016
GCC real estate conference 2016 in Dubai.


Even as thousands of investors from around the world prepare for the Middle East’s largest property showcase, Cityscape Global, at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 6 – 8 September, a recent survey of property buyers and investors across the GCC has revealed that real estate is the number one preferred investment. The study also concluded that more than half of respondents (54 percent) would choose real estate as their preferred investment category, followed by stocks (13 percent).

These sentiments are also expected to resonate at the GCC Real Estate Evaluation Strategy Conference, organized by the Datamatix Group, scheduled to take place from the 27th of September until the 29th September of 2016 in the city of Dubai. The conference will have legal experts specialized in real estate legislation, CEOs, investment bankers, industry experts and insurance companies, throw light on the state of the Dubai real estate market and the outlook for the future. The conference is also expected to examine Dubai real estate’s significant transformation efforts at becoming globally competitive and maintaining its edge by becoming more regulated and catering to every market segment via its wide range of property options.

What do we at Betterhomes expect from the GCC Real Estate Evaluation Strategy Conference?

We think that an important outcome of the conference would also be the discussion around the rise of smart cities in the GCC which is spurring several significant technological developments in the way real estate is conceived, developed, marketed and delivered, in line with the region’s vision for a technology-driven future and the sustainable smart city agenda: a point that Dubai residential and commercial real estate developers, amongst others, should keep in mind in order to attract investors, elevate client experiences and improve customer satisfaction. This we are confident will eventually yield significantly higher returns on investment for the entire Dubai real estate industry and in turn for the UAE’s economy, in time both for the mega Dubai World Expo 2020 and beyond.

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