A Better Day: Office break yoga, PJ Quiz co, Cook like a pro

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  • 13 Apr, 2020
A Better Day: Office break yoga, PJ Quiz co, Cook like a pro

Each weekday, our editors are sharing their quick tips, workouts, recipes and observations to help us make the most of our time at home. We hope it makes your day a little bit brighter. #stayhome

Let’s start with some good news…

If your kids don’t have all the tools they need to learn from home right now, help is at hand. Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic are contributing Dhs4 million (from their Charity Fund) to the UAE’s Ministry of Education in support of its online and distance learning initiatives for UAE schools. The contribution will help to provide laptops to UAE students who need them, so they can smash their studies with confidence.

Do this for a healthy body

We’re getting our groove on with this 15-minute Latin Dance Fusion workout with Yarisha from Fit Republik, It’s guaranteed to get the circulation going.

Do this for a healthy mind

Working from home? Take this quick Office Break Yoga class, which is perfect for a midday stretch. You won’t need to change into your workout gear or roll out the mat – simply get up off that chair and get moving.

Delicious deliveries to your door

If you’re craving an Easter roast, let Reddy’s come to the rescue with its traditional dinner (chicken, lamb or beef) with all the trimmings, complete with an indulgent berry cheesecake for dessert. Dhs168 for two people or Dhs248 for four (plus Dhs7 for delivery). You can pre-order by emailing info@reddyroast.com or online at www.reddyroast.com – they’re delivering until Monday!

What to watch

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, The Morning Show on Apple TV+ bring the drama by pulling back the curtain on early morning TV. No wonder it earned three Golden Globes nominations.

What to listen to

Join players from around the world to compete for the bragging rights of being the ultimate brainiac in the PJ Quiz Co. There are no prizes, but there’s plenty of fun and banter along the way. You can join in live via Facebook at 7pm (GMT) – that’s 10pm Dubai time – on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Home help

Air conditioning on the blink? Plumbing sprung a leak? Don’t fret, as the experts are on call. To mention a couple of our go-tos: Handy Scandy has teams helping with urgent matters and maintenance issues from 8am and 2pm, while Transguard Living is scheduling home service appointments during the same hours and is on call to deal with emergencies around the clock.

Isolators we love

Struggling with the intensity of family life while isolating at home? You’re certainly not alone. Khalid Al Ameri provides light-hearted relief as he shows us the reality of what home life is like and how his family try to maintain a daily routine… up until the chaos of bedtime.

Join the party

What better way to use this time than to up-skill and learn a new language? You can go at your own pace thanks to the Duolingo Spanish Podcast (released on Thursdays), which teaches the lingo through fascinating stories. Perfect for when we can travel again.

Cook like a pro

A quick and ridiculously simple snack today. This stuffed pita comes with an Arabic twist, courtesy of our friends at Nammos Dubai.

• 50g Arabic pita bread
• 150g feta cheese
• 30g chopped black olives
• 100g fresh tomatoes
• 10g chopped oregano

Crumble the feta and with the chopped black olives
• Cut the fresh tomatoes into small cubes and mix with the feta cheese and olives
• Season with olive oil and add the oregano
• Cut the pita bread in half across the center to make two circles
• Add the mixture into the middle of the pocket and replace the top half on top of the stuffing
• Grill the bread on both sides, until the bread is crisp and firm
• Sprinkle the chopped tomatoes on top of the pita and season with salt, olive oil, and oregano
• Cut into quarters and serve

And lastly…things we’d never thought we’d miss #1

Having to detail your weekend anecdotes 16 times in a row to colleagues on a Sunday morning, while each time having to remember which bits you made up to sound like you did something cool. Please feel free to share your own frivolous yearnings via editor@hotmedia.me

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