Mohammed Leath Kalomar

Sales Consultant
Born and raised in the UK, Mohammed detoured to Dubai to reroot his Arab origins, as well as enhance his existing knowledge and adaptability to cultures across the globe. Empathy and confidentiality form his values developed from his volunteering experience as a translator.

Raised and exposed to an environment of developers and investors from the age of 14, he witnessed the essentiality of understanding client requirements, needs, negotiations.

He attained his first-class degree in Economics before starting his professional career as a lettings advisor for a firm in Berkshire. Few months later, his client-centric attitude and love for cohesively tracking the real estate market allowed his promotion to a property investment consultant for high-net worth clients within the commuter towns of London, exceeding the ROI expectations of his clients.

His knowledge and skills have been leveraged in the Dubai real estate market, delivering you a home or an investment specific to your wants and needs.
Mohammed Leath Kalomar
English, Arabic
Area of Specialisation: