Abu Dhabi Offices

Abu Dhabi is the capital state of UAE with strong potential to become global business and trade hub of world. This emirate has the largest land area in UAE and encompasses 200 natural islands. This emirate is benefited over Dubai in several ways like it has 80% of total oil reserves in UAE. Initially this emirate also depends on oil export to earn revenues, but soon after observing significant boom in business, finance, tourism and trade sectors of its neighboring emirate Dubai, its State government started pondering on other ways to develop its economy. They started working on various projects to develop other industries and business sectors to make its economy less dependent on oil.

Builders and developers not only invested in residential projects rather they also make huge investment in several commercial projects to progress business and trade industry. Government has made long term economic planning to progress other business sectors of Abu Dhabi like media, electronics, aero space, and plants to generate renewable energy from different resources. Government and developers are working in collaboration with aim to diversify this city in 2030. Such projects and efforts to transform this emirate has been creating bulk of new jobs in this emirate. As s result of this local and international organization need commercial office space in Abu Dhabi to establish their business outlets.

Although, Abu Dhabi is the world’s richest city possessing huge oil reservoirs, but still it’s a hard target to attract foreign companies to consider this state to make their home, when market is already occupied by giant competitors. Due to advancement in information technology companies can easily outsource their business to other countries and they are not restricted to keep their offices in close proximity of their key markets. There are several factors that make any city a more desirable place preferred by foreign companies to launch their offices. Important things that make any city a more desirable place include housing, living standard, research and higher education facilities, finances, government incentives, and transportation and communication network. Besides these key necessities, another crucial thing that any entrepreneur or organization consider is the physical work facilities like offices, commercial buildings and mobile work places where they can arrange working setup for their workers to perform their tasks.

As Abu Dhabi has completed several commercial building projects which include Sky Tower Abu Dhabi, Addax Office Tower (Al Reem Island) and Capital Gate. This emirate has emerged as a favorite place to establish offices and various leading organizations are considering Abu Dhabi office spaces to utilize as their franchise or overseas outlet. The main reason for such enhanced interest of foreign companies to establish their physical offices is its world class environment, flexibility and bulk supply in term of variety and sizes. Abu Dhabi offices provide ultra modern design and state of the art facilities to attract foreign companies to open up their business out lets in this emirate.

State government has also taken major step to assist foreign organization across the world by offering leasehold and freehold residential and commercial properties in emirate. This emirate has become a favorite destination for tourism, business and trade. Even though developers have already completed commercial office complexes but still they are not able to fulfill market needs. Considering commercial market needs, developers have started various giant commercial projects with huge budgets like Khalifa City, Masdar City Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Office spaces are available for sale and lease to international organizations across the world.

Market trends of commercial office spaces in Abu Dhabi display significant rise in demand of Abu Dhabi offices. This shows that Abu Dhabi is on the right path to become the next business and trade hub of Gulf region.