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Juliet Superio

Juliet has been in Dubai for the past thirteen years, with ten years in real estate in total. Juliet has followed several career paths but these never stopped her from finally chasing what she really now loves doing - being a real estate agent. She has been there during the rise and fall of the real estate market in Dubai and has overtaken her peers, bringing continued success to Betterhomes.

As a realtor specialising in commercial properties Juliet has always brought abundant energy, creativity, resourcefulness, dedication, and personal knowledge to her work. She always does her best to stay on top of all the details of a deal to provide a smooth and easy-going transaction.

"I don't believe in luck. I believe in persistence, patience, hard work and not forgetting my goals."

As a nature lover, Juliet makes sure that she does some gardening now and again, attends yoga classes. She enjoys travelling and has visited several beaches and islands across Asia, Africa and Europe.