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World Trade Center | DIFC | Downtown Dubai
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Charanjeet Vanjani

From doing real estate from St. Maarten a small island in the Caribbean, Charanjeet has decided to bring his talents to Dubai. He has been in Dubai from 2017 and is a highly motivated individual who continuously tries to excel in his work. His goal is to beat his personal record and set higher goals every month. He has experience in Finance, Accounting, and Information Technology.

Previously he was working at an Asset Management Company in Boston where we were managing portfolios for private equity funds. With his experience in the Finance industry he has gained a good network of international investors. His core area is DIFC especially after living in that area for two years. For anyone looking to rent, sell or buy in DIFC he is the right person.

Charanjeet likes to socialize & aims to not only provide a service to his clients, but also build long lasting relationships with his clients and going out of the way to assist them in their requirements to find the perfect property for them to call “home”.