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When considering apartments for rent in Dubai or Dubai apartments for sale tenants, buyers and sellers need to know the rules around property transactions. ... [More]

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The rental period for a Dubai property is usually for a fixed term of one year from the start date whether for an apartment or villa and applies only to those with a valid residence visa or a note from the employer to confirm the visa is in progress. ... [More]

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Better Homes Dubai, the UAE’s leading property agency has recently launched its new website with a range of improved features to improve both aesthetic and efficiency. ... [More]

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While the Dubai housing market is expecting thousands of new apartments and villas to be released onto the market in 2015, Better Homes does not anticipate a substantial corresponding drop in rental rates.... [More]

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Abu Dhabi property rates may rise slightly during the course of 2015 however not as acutely as the increases experienced last year.... [More]

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There are a broad range of residential and commercial properties for sale in Abu Dhabi. To buy property in Abu Dhabi it is advisable to deal with a reputable property agency to ensure the necessary rules and regulations are followed.... [More]

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There is an extensive choice of hotel apartments and luxury hotel apartments available for visitors to Dubai that appeal to all levels of budget type and style preference.... [More]

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For those looking to stay in a furnished apartment or villa the short-term rentals market in Dubai is well-stocked and offers competitive prices at all budget levels.... [More]

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Do I need a property management company to manage my property investment or can I handle it myself? How much will it cost me and how will I benefit? Have a look at what Better Homes Property Management can offer you... [More]

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Looking for flats or apartments for rent in Dubai can be a daunting task as there is no single source that consolidates all property information for new tenants and existing tenants... [More]

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