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That there is a slowdown in Dubai’s real estate market is not a secret. So, how is the market in particular, Dubai commercial property expected to perform in 2016?... [More]

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Since 2002 when expats were allowed to buy property with freehold rights, Dubai has come a long way. As one of the UAE’s most comprehensive real estate websites focussed on empowering people with the resources they need to make informed property decisions, we at Better Homes Dubai, help consumers find their next home.... [More]

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Enjoy one of the world’s most dynamic cities in a comfortable, affordable short-term rental. As the UAE’s premier brokerage, we have been providing exceptional furnished studio apartments for rent in Dubai to both the corporate and the leisure traveller in need of Dubai apartments for rent short term. ... [More]

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An enticing tropical climate. Sandy white beaches. Endless shopping and dining options. And skyscrapers that are a dime a dozen. The UAE is a ready go-to destination for anyone looking to purchase a vacation home. ... [More]

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Dubai has gained a huge reputation as a magnificent desert city and an emirate of superlatives. Tallest building in the world? Check. Biggest shopping mall? Check. Name it, and you’ll find it right here. ... [More]

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A selection of 20 residential buildings lining the long trunk of the Palm, Shoreline Apartmentsare amongst the most modern, beautiful, spacious and luxurious apartments for rent in Palm Jumeirah. ... [More]

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Dubai is one of the best cities in the world, and it often seems as if the entire world is dying to be here. With thousands flocking to the emirate, Dubai accommodation can be quite expensive.... [More]

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Moving to Dubai? Then, the neighbourhood you choose to live in will vary considerably depending on whether or not you are single, are married, have children and pets, what you like to do in your spare time and where you work. Here is a list of Dubai’s most popular communities.... [More]

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City of luxury. Glam. Glitz. Culture. Tallest building in the world. Relaxation. Burj Al Arab. Big, bold and brazen and beautiful, Dubai is a holidayer’s delight. The staggering variety of authentic global fare is unsurpassed given the city’s energy, optimism and openness towards people from all over the world.... [More]

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So you're about to move to or buy property in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, where everything you want in terms of dining, shopping, entertainment and lifestyle is at your fingertips. ... [More]

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