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A bustling metropolis peacefully shared by cultures from all parts of the world, Dubai’s diversity expresses itself in a myriad of ways, be it, in the culinary landscape, fashion, music, retail and real estate. ... [More]

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Better Homes brings you some of the most exciting and prestigious new development projects in Dubai. Take a look.... [More]

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Renting out your home may seem like a profitable idea. That is, until the tenant trashes the house, you are fielding calls from angry neighbours and you have no one to take care of repairs. ... [More]

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Work out your budget: Don’t just look at the value of the property but consider the total cost of buying Dubai properties including legal fees, deposits, and maintenance charges.... [More]

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As real estate grows increasingly internet savvy, property seekers can now tour neighbourhoods and even take a peek inside living rooms from the comfort of their homes or offices as they search properties in Dubai. However, while this accessibility of information can help you find that dream home faster, it can alsomake the process overwhelming.... [More]

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At Better Homes, we’re committed to being a leading resource for anyone looking to buy, rent, sell or let property – in fact, we want to make the process easy and even enjoyable by providing the best service experience with the necessary online tools! But that’s not all …... [More]

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In 2012, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council lifted the 5 percent rent cap on rent increases of Abu Dhabi rental properties. So the next question is, “What, if anything, will replace it?”... [More]

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Although getting the right tenant for any space can be challenging, once you do so, there are significant advantages to having commercial tenants in Dubai in comparison to residential tenants.... [More]

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You have listed your property online, connected with the right agent, renovated your Dubai property for sale or Dubai property for rent and are now ready to put your house on the market.... [More]

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Real estate can be a complex world. And navigating it not so simple. If you’re entering the world for the first time, real estate titles can be a tad confusing. Sometimes people use these titles interchangeably, but there are some important differences that you need to know. ... [More]

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