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The business of purchasing a property for rent is time consuming. You need to factor in safety checks, risks and issues that are likely to arise before and when you can legally start taking in tenants.... [More]

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As of the first quarter of this year, buyers from 123 nationalities poured billions of dirhams into the Dubai real estate market. Since 2002, when the first Freehold Law was passed, real estate Dubai has seen tremendous growth, offering foreign investors the opportunity to purchase Dubai real estate.... [More]

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Founded in 1986, Better Homes speaks directly to thousands of monthly unique visitors seeking solutions to their Dubai property needs. From a one-woman outfit, we have expanded with offices all over Dubai, in Abu Dhabi and others around the GCC region, employing nearly 500 people.... [More]

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If you're in Dubai real estate, chances are you've heard of the assumption that technological innovation has lagged behind other industries. However, technology is gradually beginning to make its way into the Dubai real estate industry. ... [More]

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In the market to rent office space in Dubai? Your office is much more than a collection of cubicles. As entrepreneurs, the office spaces for rent in Dubai you choose are incredibly important to your business. ... [More]

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Looking to rent villa in Dubai? Sun, sand and surf await you as you start your search for villas for rent in Dubai.... [More]

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Investing in real estate has long been a preferred method of achieving great capital gains and income and Abu Dhabi property offers these incentives to local and international investors alike.... [More]

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Dubai has very distinct dynamics at play allowing the city to combine the convenience of being located within a short distance to major landmarks as well as a good mix of the famed city’s lively nightlife, busy retail and public parks. ... [More]

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United Arab Emirates is one of the famous gulf countries that consist of seven emirates. UAE is famous for providing luxurious lifestyle to every visitor landed in this region. ... [More]

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Whether you are on a business trip, holiday visit or planning to stay permanently in the city, Dubai apartments for sale are capable of meeting your accommodation needs and provide you complete privacy that you miss in hotels.... [More]

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