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          They might be close together on the colour wheel, but orange and pink are fantastic for adding zest and vibrancy to your home.
        Capture this colourful combination with this quintessentially  English country cottage look from Laura Ashley. Hedgerow wood trim
         edge roller blind with pink grapefruit striped awning, Dhs153 (GBP32) per metre; Chatsworth smuggler in chestnut pink, Dhs7,149
           (GBP1,500); triple pleat in dahlia parade pink grapefruit, Dhs172 (GBP36) per metre; Harewood embroidered pink grapefruit
        cushion, Dhs200 (GBP42); Mulholland check pink grapefruit cushion, Dhs214 (GBP45); Nigella Mango cushion, Dhs190.60 (GBP40);
                         Mulholland rug in pink grapefruit, Dhs572 (GBP120); all Laura Ashley,

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