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                                                                                   There needs to be
                                                                                      a rationale to
                                                                                  whatever we look at
                                                                                    and we all relate
                                                                                          to order

                                                                               HOME COMfOrts
                                                                               When it comes to style….
                                                                               I don’t have absolute no-nos.
                                                                               I’ll try anything, though I draw
                                                                               the line at clutter.
                                                                               On my bedside you’ll find…
                                                                               Lots of books. I’ve just finished
                                                                               Mind & Cosmos: Why the
                                                                               Materialist Neo-Darwinian
                                                                               Conception of Nature is Almost
                                                                               Certainly False by philosopher
                                                                               Thomas Nagel. I’m not sure
                                                                               I understood it all, but I had a go
                                                                               at it – it’s certainly good material
                                                                               to help you get to sleep at night.
                                                                               Home is…
                                                                               Where you’re comfortable with
                                                                               people you know.

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