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        ShoRtEN thE School RUN
        Three homes within 15 minutes’    FS1 students at Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy enjoy the school’s play facilities
        drive of Al Forsan Nursery

        IA Villas              AED 180,000
        Khalifa City             per year
                                         which NURSERY?
        Mario Joao Beires   5 BR + Maid’s Room
        Ref No. VI352362        5,000 sq. ft.

                                                  Nilay Özral, chief executive officer
                                                  of Aldar Academies, introduces
                                                  Al Forsan Nursery

                                         What will set your nursery apart from   Is there anything else parents
                                         others in the city?               should know?
                                         Al Forsan Nursery will become part of   As our nurseries will allow students
                                         Aldar Academies’ growing network of   to naturally progress to other Aldar
                                         leading private schools in Abu Dhabi   Academies schools, we will start to
                                         and Al Ain, which excelled recently with   prepare students for their next step with
                                         outstanding A-Level and IGCSE results.   us from their first day. For example,
                                         The nursery and its students will benefit   alongside English, Arabic and French
                                         from the expert knowledge, best practice,  languages, we’ll also introduce Chinese.
        Al Sharhan Compound    AED 170,000
        Khalifa City             per year  and innovative approaches shared   These lessons will take place in a very
                                         across our seven academies. Parents can   special environment. The building is
        Wissam Al Hamoud           4 BR  therefore expect a teaching programme   designed in a horseshoe shape and
        Ref No. VIM328332       4,035 sq. ft.
                                         that inspires a love for learning in their   stretches across one floor, with all
                                         child from the youngest age. Maintaining  classrooms leading directly out onto
                                         this passion is the aim across the Aldar   the playground.
                                         Academies network.
                                           The nursery will be located within the   What do your key facilities include?
                                         safe confines of Abu Dhabi’s prestigious   We’re equipping the nursery with digital
                                         Al Forsan International Sports Resort,   learning aids to build students’ abilities
                                         which includes some amazing facilities,   gradually, alongside spaces dedicated
                                         such as an equestrian centre, swimming   to group and individual creative arts,
                                         pools, and sports courts.         and outdoor play equipment. An on-site
                                                                           medical clinic will be staffed by a full-
                                         Tell us about your team…          time nurse for parents’ peace of mind,
                                         Our aim was to replicate the success   and beyond the nursery itself, there’s
                                         of our schools that teach FS1 and   everything Al Forsan Resort offers.
                                         the higher years, but in the smaller
                                         setting of a dedicated nursery. All of   Aldar Academies Al Forsan Nursery
                                         our teachers and teaching assistants   is scheduled to open towards the end
        MA Villa               AED 165,000  will hold degrees and qualifications   of 2017/early 2018. Interested parents
        Khalifa City             per year  related to the Early Years Foundation   should register their interest at
                                         Stage Curriculum to ensure the Aldar   NurseryExpressionOfInterestForm to
        Maria Joao Beires          3 BR
        Ref No. VI349548        5,000 sq. ft.  Academies standard is upheld.   receive ongoing updates.

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