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            Al NAseem ResiDeNCes B                                                               AED 155,000
            2-Bedroom Apartment, Al Raha Beach
                                                                                                      ThE D ETAiLS
            PRESTiGiOUS URBAN DEVELOPMENT                                                        Approx size: 1,011 sq. ft.
            This two-bedroom apartment in Al Bandar, is located in one of the                    Reference No: AP332524
            most sought-after properties in Abu Dhabi. The iconic shape of the
            building is famous among expats and people who have a taste for the
            finer things in life. The development is built on an artificial island,
            surrounded by concrete walls, that was partially created with a
            dredging technique that is a one-of-a-kind development. It is situated
            in the middle of the main road access to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

                                                                                               Listed by Wissam Al Hamoud

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