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                                                                                   Managing Director
                        In whatever field we work, we are continually              Victoria Thatcher
                        inspired by our surroundings and in this issue,
                        our interviewees reveal their personal influences.         Editorial Director
                        Founders of furniture brand Blanc Mariclò,                 John Thatcher
                        Mariangela and Claudia Federighi (page 9) grew
                        up in a Tuscan farmhouse and seek to reproduce             Editor
                        the Italian sense of hospitality in their designs.         Lucy Land
                        Architect and associate partner at interior design
                        practice Design Haus Medy, Zhoreh Dastmaltchi              Art Director
                        Kroner invites us into her holiday home in Iran,           Kerri Bennett
        which is furnished with objects carefully picked during her many travels
        (page 20). Meanwhile, architect Philip Logan’s Al Bandar apartment (page   Designer
        16) is decorated with his own paintings, which are inspired by living on   Jamie Pudsey
        the water and the quality of light that his duplex penthouse receives.
                                                                                   Production Manager
        As many of us live in beachfront communities, we give you some             Muthu Kumar
        seascape-inspired designs (page 7). We also bring you beautiful botanical
        prints (page 10) to help you get back to nature.                           Advertising Group Manager
                                                                                   Sukaina Hussein
        And finally, browse our choice of apartments, townhouses and villas for    +971 50 515 9691
        rent and sale on Al Raha Beach (page 25) – waterfront views guaranteed.
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                                                                                   people, email firstname@

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                                                                               Abu Dhabi                                                                  Complimentary copy  Sep-Nov 2017

           @betterhomesuae                                                               Let the
                                                                                        light shine
                                     seascape styles ● botanical prints ● Find your home on al raha beach  Cover image by
                                                                                       Inside architect Philip Logan’s bright
                                                                                        and breezy Al Bandar penthouse
                                                                                                  Muthu Kumar

        8                        10                       20                       40
        down by the sea          into the wilderness      a home from home         object of desire
        Drift into a maritime world with    Bring some beautiful botanical prints   Inside a luxuriously furnished holiday   Limited-edition blue horse vases
        some ocean inspiration   into your home           home in Tehran           by France-based studio Daum
        9                        16                       25

        style files              a balanced life          properties
        Take your cue from those in    Inside architect Philip Logan’s    for sale & rent
        the know                 Al Bandar penthouse apartment  Explore Al Raha Beach

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