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                                                                                    Bring some fresh beach
                                                                                   vibes into your home with
                                                                                   the Anthozoa range from
                                                                                     Harlequin. The Kabibi
                                                                                   fabric features a fabulous
                                                                                  hand-drawn mix of shaded
                                                                                 seashells available in a squid
                                                                                 ink or deep indigo colour. It is
                                                                                 shown here with the Kelambu
                                                                                   wallpaper, which boasts a
                                                                                  layered water-colour effect
                                                                                  design in lively emerald and
                                                                                 lime on a textured, embossed
                                                                                    vinyl ground. Anthozoa
                                                                                 fabric, from Dh260 per linear
                                                                                  metre, Anthozoa wallpaper,
                                                                                   from Dhs260 per roll, by
                                                                                   Harlequin. Available from
                                                                                 Style Library,
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