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Better Education
        RAFFlEs WoRlD     Curriculum: IB (International   Facilities: Networked library, latest instructional audio-visual
        ACADEmy           Baccalaureate)     facilities (LCD projector/visualiser/sound system), tutorial rooms,
        Al Marcup Street   Age: KG1 to Grade 12   theatre, art, dance studio, music, science labs, computer labs, soccer
        (formerly Street 7)  Term dates: Sep-Feb, Feb-Jul  field, swimming pools, sports hall, basketball courts, badminton courts,
        Umm Suqeim 3      Fees: AED30,384 to   tennis courts, prayer rooms with ablution facilities, black box theatre,
        Dubai             AED85,075          sports hall, multipurpose atria for display.
        04 427 1300       Waiting list? Depends on the  grade level  Extracurricular activities: TEDx, mother tongue programmes      Transport? Yes     (Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin and German), sports activities,
                          KHDA rating: Good with   such as tennis, football, basketball, swimming, cricket, athletics,
                          Outstanding features  martial arts, chess, yoga, reading.
        RAJAgiRi          Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities:  Library, music rooms, swimming pools, aerobics
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 10  room, multipurpose school clinic. Classrooms are equipped with
        sCHool            Term dates: Monthly  well-presented displays. ICT is an important element of teaching
        Al Warqaa         Fees: AED10,945 to AED21,941  – there are two computer labs and two audio visual rooms to help
        Dubai             Waiting list? Yes   students in their quest for knowledge.
        04 280 0691       Transport? Yes  KHDA rating: Good  Extracurricular activities: Swimming, literature, music, dance                         games, gymnastics, aerobics, art, environment day, sports day,
                                             concerts, talent week.

        RANCHEs pRimARy   Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Outdoor AstroTurf football pitch, outdoor basketball
        sCHool            Age: FS1 to Year 6   pitch, fully-equipped science and computer labs, specialist
        Arabian Ranches 2  Term dates: Sep-Jan,    facilities for music, art and foreign languages, two multi-purpose
        Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   halls, temperature-controlled swimming pool, networked library,
        800 1777          Fees: AED45,000 to   outdoor play and learning areas, spacious cafeteria.
        04 442 9765       AED55,000
        050 213 3751      Waiting list? Yes  Extracurricular activities: cookery club, arts and crafts, around      Transport? Yes     the world, team games, drama, football, swimming, ballet, design
                          KHDA rating: N/A   and technology.

        REgENT            Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Swimming pool, multipurpose hall, science lab, library,
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: FS1 to Year 13  football pitch, art/design and technology/dance studio,  music
        sCHool            Term dates: Sep, Jan, Apr  room, ICT room.
        Emirates Hills    Fees: AED42,265 to
        Barsha 2          AED92,482          Extracurricular activities: Performing arts and cultural,
        Dubai             Waiting list? Dependent    art/craft and design and media, general hobbies, soccer,
        04 360 8830       on year group      basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, tennis, horse-  Transport? Yes    back riding, madscience, super kidi-abacus mathematics, NLP for      KHDA rating: Good  children, boost of self-confidence and leadership skills.

        REpToN sCHool     Curriculum: UK/IB  Facilities: Large artificial turf football/rugby fields, the newly,
        DubAi             Age: FS1 to Year 13  five tennis courts, multiple basketball courts, swimming pools,
        Nad Al Sheba 3    Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   art indoor sports, two sports halls, Gym, multiple ICT labs,
        Dubai             Apr-Jun            specialist music teaching rooms, DT labs, drama room and dance
        04 426 9319       Day pupil fees: AED 52,863 to   studio, science labs, libraries.   AED 103,325   Waiting list? No   Extracurricular activities: Art and design, drama, music,
                          Transport? Yes     computing, dance, yoga, fine arts, design and technology, film
                          KHDA rating: Outstanding  and television, debating, cookery classes, martial arts, gym
                                             classes, gymnastics. Please ask the school for a full list.
        sAbARi iNDiAN     Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Football pitch and basketball court.
        sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 7
        Al Wuheida Area,    Term dates: Sep-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Details are available on request.
        near Century Mall  Fees: AED14,124 to AED16,307
        Dubai             Waiting list? No
        04 250 5806       Transport? Yes      KHDA rating: Acceptable

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