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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      SaFa bRiTiSh School  curriculum: UK  Facilities: Large complex complete with swimming pool, sports
      Meydan Street     age: KG1 to Grade 6  hall and spacious playgrounds.
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Jun
      04 388 4300       Fees: AED27,710 to AED39,329  Extracurricular activities: Taekwondo, football, swimming, horse  Waiting list? Yes  riding and skiing.  Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Good

      SaFa commuNiTy    curriculum: UK     Facilities: Playgrounds, computer labs, science labs, libraries,
      School            age: FS1 to Year 13  basketball, clinics, resource centres, guidance counselling.
      Al Barsha South 3   Term dates: Sep-Jun
      Al Furjan         Fees: AED47,000 to   Extracurricular activities: Full-sized football pitch, 25m
      Dubai             AED80,000          swimming pool, training pool, netball courts, sprinting track,
      04 385 1810       Waiting list? Yes  indoor sports hall, dance studio, fitness studio, badminton,
      school@           Transport? Yes     courts, basketball court, tennis courts.  Khda rating: Good

      School oF         curriculum: US     Facilities: Includes two swimming pools, library, two ICT labs,
                        age: KG1 to Grade 12
                                           a large multipurpose hall, elevator, smart boards, two prayer
      modERN SKillS     Term dates: Sep-Jun  rooms, two soccer fields, basket ball court, playground areas,
      Al Muhaisnah 1    Fees: AED15,472 to AED26,159  fitness equipment, clinic, lockers, two open patios, canteens.
      Dubai             Waiting list? No
      04 288 7765       Transport? No      Extracurricular activities: All types of sports activities.  Khda rating: Acceptable
      School oF RESEaRch   curriculum: UK  Facilities: Cafeteria, SRS clinic and healthcare, transportation,
      SciENcE           age: FS1 to Year 13  science labs.
      Baghdad St        Term dates: Sep-Jun
      Al Qusais         Fees: AED34,359 to AED73,769  Extracurricular activities: A broad range of sports activities.
      Dubai             Waiting list? Yes
      04 601 1011       Transport? Yes       Khda rating: Very good

      ShaRJah amERicaN   curriculum: US    Facilities: Swimming pool, playing fields, indoor sports arena
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: KG1 to Grade 12  and multipurpose hall, a separate covered playing area for
      pRivaTE School    Term dates: Sep-Jun  kindergarten students, two ICT labs with over 60 computers,
      AlWarqaa 1        Fees: AED15,584 to AED38,960   two libraries with computers, science laboratories and a full-
      Dubai             Waiting list? No   time science technician, a multipurpose sports hall for physical
      04 280 1111       Transport? Yes     education, changing rooms, medical services, transport, a book
      04 280 0666       Khda rating: Acceptable  store, two cafeterias, two prayer rooms.                        Extracurricular activities: A great variety of sports activities.

      ShaiKh RaShid     curriculum: Pakistani  Facilities: Football pitch, kindergarten play area, library, science
      al maKToum        age: KG1 to Grade 12  laboratories, clinic, canteen.
      paKiSTaN School   Term dates: Apr-Oct,
      Qusais            Dec-Mar            Extracurricular activities: Sports weeks, programmes in
      Dubai             Fees: AED3,057 to AED6,112  Global Village.
      04 298 8303       Waiting list? No   Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Unsatisfactory

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