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Better Education
        sHEFFiElD         Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Science laboratories, library, medical care, art
        pRivATE sCHool    Age: FS1 to Year 13  education, physical education, computer labs and swimming pool.
        Al Nadha          Term dates: On request
        Dubai             Fees: AED20,661 to AED38,962  Extracurricular activities: Stories club, arts and crafts, netball,
        04 267 8444       Waiting list? On request  Arabic for beginners, handwriting practice, karate, swimming,  Transport? Yes  gymnastics.
                          KHDA rating: Acceptable

        sNF CHilDREN      Curriculum: Special needs  Facilities: Vocational and occupational training along with
        DEvElopmENT       Age: Grade 1 to Grade 12  alternative therapy, computers.
        CENTER            Term dates: Sep-Jun
        Karama Centre     Fees: On request   Extracurricular activities: Educational trips, music sessions,
        Dubai             Waiting list? Yes  aerobics, picnics.
        04 334 9818       Transport? Yes
        04 337 6759       KHDA rating: Acceptable
        050 557 0987

        spRiNgDAlEs sCHool   Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Wi-Fi-enabled campus, play area, cafeteria, parking
                          Age: KG1 to Grade 9
                                             bay, 140 large and spacious classrooms with visual equipment,
        DubAi             Term dates: Sep-Jun  library, science labs, art, dance, music studios, theatre, art
        Al Quoz           Fees: AED18,000 to   audio-visual equipment, a large stage with seating capacity
        Off Al Khail Road  AED28,000         of 1,400, an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, multi-level
        Dubai             Waiting list? No   canteens, GPRS-enabled school buses ensure safety and
        04 338 1311       Transport? Yes     security.
        04 338 2123       KHDA rating: Good
        sTAR iNTERNATioNAl   Curriculum: UK  Facilities: Indoor/outdoor play areas, swimming pool, music room,
        sCHool, Al TWAR   Age: FS1 to Year 9  library, ICT lab, interactive boards, auditorium, role-play room,
        Al Twar 2         Term dates: Sep-Jun  jungle gym, school clinic.
        Dubai             Fees: AED19,657 to AED38,897
        04 263 8999       Waiting list? No   Extracurricular activities: Tennis, martial arts, gymnastics,   Transport? Yes  ballet, football.  KHDA rating: Good

        sTAR iNTERNATioNAl   Curriculum: UK  Facilities: Indoor/outdoor play areas, swimming pool, music room,
        sCHool, miRDiF    Age: FS1 to Year 6  library, ICT lab.
        Mirdif            Term dates: Sep-Jun
        Dubai             Fees: AED31,613 to AED47,587  Extracurricular activities: Tennis, martial arts, cookery, handball,
        04 288 4644       Waiting list? No   needlework, computers, judo, art, French, tennis, gymnastics,
        principal.mirdif@  Transport? Yes    aloa maths, football academy, ballet.  KHDA rating: Acceptable

        sT. mARy’s CATHoliC   Curriculum: UK  Facilities: Sports grounds.
        HigH sCHool       Age: Y1 to Year 13
        Oud Metha Road    Term dates: On request  Extracurricular activities: Drama, quiz, music, sports,
        Dubai             Fees: AED5,825 to AED12,512  elocution, debates, environment, art and craft,
        04 337 0252       Waiting list? No   cookery, needlework.  Transport? Yes  KHDA rating: Good

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