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Better Education
        THE iNTERNATioNAl   Curriculum: SABIS (UK/US)   Facilities: Infant swimming pool, library, play areas,
        sCHool oF         Age: KG1 to Grade 12  indoor playgrounds.
        CHouEiFAT         Term dates: Sep-Jun
        DIP-1             Fees: AED23,263 to   Extracurricular activities: Visit the school’s website for a full list
        Dubai             AED44,296          of activities.
        04 884 7884       Waiting list? Yes  Transport? Yes  KHDA rating: Acceptable

        THE iNDiAN ACADEmy   Curriculum: Indian (ICSE)  Facilities: Classrooms, free flow area, library, ICT lab, kinder club
        Al Muhaisnah      Age: KG1 to Grade 7  and many more.
        Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Dec
        04 264 6746       Dec-Mar, Mar-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Students participate in various
        04 264 6733       Fees: AED10,292 to AED18,250   activities inside the clasroom with other students by forming  Waiting list? No  groups. This develops a healthy attitude towards working in  Transport? Yes  teams, sharing things with other children, working and learning
                          KHDA rating: Acceptable  in harmony. They learn by watching other children and emulating
                                             their peers, developing communication, learning and social
                                             behaviourial skills.

        THE iNDiAN HigH   Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Outdoor areas, computer lab, science laboratories,
        sCHool            Age: Grade 5 to Grade 12  music room, conference room, swimming pool, gymnasium,
        Oud Metha         Term dates: Sep-Jan,    library, medical clinic, transportation.
        Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun
        04 3358851        Fees: AED4,515 to AED8,551  Extracurricular activities: Details are available on request.  Waiting list? No        Transport? Yes
                          KHDA rating: Outstanding

        THE KiNDERgARTEN   Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: ICT and multimedia centre, kindergarten  play area,
        sTARTERs          Age: KG1 to Grade 5  activity rooms, science lab, clinic, music rooms, library.
        (A gEms sCHool)   Term dates: Apr-Mar
        Al Garhoud        Fees: AED7,207 to AED9,619  Extracurricular activities: Performing arts, creative
        Dubai             Waiting list? On request  communication, visual arts, sports, inter-school  music
        04 282 4090       Transport? Yes     festival, interhouse quiz competitions, caretaker service.  KHDA rating: Good

        THE millENNium    Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Sporting areas, science laboratories, library,
        sCHool            Age: KG1 to Grade 12  cafeteria, medical centre.
        (A gEms sCHool)   Term dates: Apr-Mar
        Al Ghusais        Fees: AED16,555 to AED24,345  Extracurricular activities: School events, physical education,
        Dubai             Waiting list? On request  music, drama, art, afternoon programme, athletics, karate,
        04 298 8567       Transport? Yes     volleyball, basketball, throwball, cricket, table tennis, tennis,   KHDA rating: Very good  badminton, swimming, aerobics, yoga, self-enhancement             programme, house system.

        THE oxFoRD sCHool  Curriculum: UK    Facilities: Sports, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, ICT lab,
        Al Muhaisnah      Age: FS1 to Year 13  library, science labs, playground, outside learning area, art room,
        Dubai             Term dates: Sep, Dec, Mar  clinic, canteen, kindergarten club.
        04 254 3666       Fees: AED10,952 to AED17,364  Waiting list? No  Extracurricular activities: A variety of indoor and outdoor sports,  Transport? Yes  including football and swimming.
                          KHDA rating: Acceptable

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