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sCHools: sHARJAH                                               Autumn Term 2017
      CHouEiFAT sHARJAH  Curriculum: SABIS (UK/US)   Facilities: Library, three computer labs, three science labs,
      University Road   Age: KG1 to Grade 12  exam hall, gymnastics and ballet rooms, large multipurpose air-
      Al Shahba         Term dates: Sep-Jun  conditioned sports hall, gymnasium, two swimming pools, grass
      Sharjah           Fees: AED20,000 to   football field, outdoor courts, car tracks for young students,
      06 558 2211       AED34,000          playground equipment and indoor air-conditioned play areas,  Waiting list? Yes  large auditorium and large cafeteria.
                        Transport? Yes
                        KHDA rating: N/A   Extracurricular activities: Visit the school’s website for a full list
                                           of activities.

      gEms millENNium   Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Library, science labs, computer science centre, playing
      sCHool            Age: Kindergarten to Grade 10  field, prayer rooms, rumpus room and free flow area, learning
      Moweliah Area     Term dates: Apr-Mar  resource centres, indoor and outdoor play areas.
      Sharjah           Fees: AED14,400 to AED20,700
      06 535 8176       Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Day boarding programme, afteroon  Transport? Yes  self-enhancement programme, art and craft, karate, music,
      gemsmillenniumschool-  KHDA: Accreditations  modern dance, science clubs, elocution, creative writing, debate,                          dramatics, quizz forums, cricket, football, tennis, swimming.

      gEms WEsTmiNsTER   Curriculum: UK    Facilities: Indoor four-court sports hall, outdoor football pitch,
      sCHool – sHARJAH   Age: Kindergarten to Grade 11  cricket nets, four-outdoor multi-games courts, multipurpose
      Sharjah           Term dates: Sep-Jun  sports hall, ICT and electronics labs, specialist classrooms for
      06 542 6323       Fees: AED12,000 to   primary and secondary schools.  AED23,000
      gemswestminsterschool-  Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Arts and craft, creative writing,       Transport? Yes     cooking, debating, drama, educational trips, elocution/public
                        KHDA rating: Effective  speaking, gymnastics, leadership camps, mural painting,
                                           music, needlework, physical education, projects, reading, team
                                           sports, trekking.
      iNTERNATioNAl     Curriculum: UK/UAE/Arabic  Facilities:  Wi-Fi enabled campus, libraries, computer Labs, large
                                           classroom with smartboards, playgrounds, basketball courts,
                        Age: KG1 to Year 13
      sCHool oF CREATivE   Term dates: Sep-Jun  clinics, guidance counselling, cooking classes, gym, swimming
      sCiENCE – muWAilEH  Fees: AED 20,000 to    pool, multipurpose hall, all weather field, Latest interactive
      Sharjah           AED 37,800         technologies, e-resources, interactive smartboards, digital
      06 534 4444                          projectors, digital visualisers and spacious parking lots.
      800 BEAM (2326)   Waiting list? No  Transport? Yes
                        KHDA rating: N/A   Extracurricular activities: Fitness, board games, art and craft,
                                           cooking, drama, book club, Nasheed club, sports, including
                                           football, basketball, swimming, sewing club.
      NEW iNDiAN moDEl   Curriculum: UK    Facilities: The school library is equipped with reference books,
      sCHool – sHARJAH  Age: KG1 to Grade 12  fictions, magazines, periodicals and audio visual teaching aids,
      Al Azra           Term dates: Sep-Dec,   labs, computer training for all levels. The computer room is
      Sharjah           Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   equipped with state-of-the-art technological systems.
      06 522 8035       Fees: AED300 to AED530       (per month)        Extracurricular activities: Sports and games activities are
                        Waiting list? Yes  organised from time to time. The school provides indoor games,
                        Transport? Yes     such as table tennis, caroms and chess, while football, volley
                        KHDA rating: N/A   ball, throw ball, cricket, badminton and basketball are among the
                                           outdoor games.
      ouR oWN ENglisH   Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Library, computer science centre, science labs, art
      HigH sCHool       Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  studio, music studio, playing field, kindergarten play area,
      sHARJAH           Term dates: Apr-Mar  medicare, books, uniform store, canteen.
      (A gEms sCHool)   Fees: AED6,830 to AED12,990
      Moweliah Area     Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Physical education, guides,
      Sharjah           Transport? Yes     public speaking, visual arts, environment club, performing
      06 538 6486       KHDA rating: Highly effective  arts, overnight camps, activity club, mentoring, workshops,                 Olympiads, educational trips.

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