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        ouR oWN ENglisH   Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Library, math lab, science labs, computer science
        HigH sCHool       Age: Grade 1 to Grade 12  centre, play field, medicare, book store, canteen.
        – boys, sHARJAH   Term dates: Apr-Mar
        (A gEms sCHool)   Fees: AED8,250 to AED12,980  Extracurricular activities: Visual arts, the performing arts,
        Moweliah Area     Waiting list? On request  public speaking, Star of the Section Award, physical education,
        Sharjah           Transport? Yes     scouting, educational field trips, quiz club, environment
        06 535 5227       KHDA rating: N/A   club, Olympiads.

        sCHolARs          Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Swimming pool, soccer/rugby field, sports hall with
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 11     a rock climbing arena, fully-equipped computer lab, library,
        ACADEmy           Term dates: Sep-Jun  dance studio, organic garden and much more.
        Sharjah school zone area   Fees: AED20,800 to
        Near University City  AED36,000      Extracurricular activities: Swimming, netball, soccer, ball skills,
        Sharjah           Waiting list? No   cricket, organic gardening, dancing, music, expressive arts, to
        06 535 5033       Transport? Yes     name a few.  KHDA rating: N/A

        sHARJAH bRiTisH   Curriculum: UAE/UK  Facilities: Its British National Curriculum consists of care
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: F1 to Y12     subjects, general subjects and Ministry of Education subjects,
        sCHool            Term dates: Sep-Dec,   which include languages, physical education, art, music and
        Near Sharjah      Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   other general courses. Other amenities include healthcare,
        University City   Fees: AED20,800 to   a swimming pool, a library, fully air-conditioned classes and
        Sharjah           AED36,000          sports day.
        06 534 7722       Waiting list? Yes  Transport? Yes  Extracurricular activities: A broad spectrum of sports activities.
                          KHDA rating: N/A
        sHARJAH ENglisH   Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Please call the school for more information.
        sCHool            Age: F1 to Y13
        Near National Paints   Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: Netball, football, cricket, tennis,
        Opposite University City   Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun  basketball, rounders, rugby, swimming, gymnasium, climbing,
        Sharjah           Fees: AED23,000 to   archery, chess, science club, drama, The Duke of Edinburgh’s
        06 558 9304       AED66,000          Award, ‘Going Green’ environmental club, film club (appreciation  Waiting list? Yes  and making), rounders, gymnasium, War Hammer Games and
                          Transport? Yes     board games, orchestra, advanced singing group, rock band,
                          KHDA rating: N/A   multi-media.

        viCToRiA          Curriculum: Australian   Facilities: Labs well-equipped with resources and study areas,
        iNTERNATioNAl     Curriculum and IB Diploma  updated digital technology resources, interactive whiteboards,
        sCHool            Age: Pre-KG to Grade 12  computer areas, Wi-Fi connectivity in classrooms, an indoor
        Al Mamzar         Term dates: Sep-Jun  multi-court basketball stadium/gymnasium, football field/
        Near Sharjah Expo   Fees: AED28,350 to   playing area, auditorium, two cafeterias, multiple plazas, shaded
        Sharjah           AED72,000          green outdoor areas with age-appropriate equipment outdoors,
        06 577 1999       Waiting list? Yes  everything is fully air conditioned.  Transport? Yes           KHDA rating: N/A   Extracurricular activities: Football, gymnastics, netball, cricket,
                                             modern dance, aerobics, swimming.
        WEsgREEN          Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Labs, including computer and science, library,
        iNTERNATioNAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 12  uniform outlet, canteen, medical care, sports, includng pitches,
        sCHool            Term dates: Sep-Jun  courts and playgrounds.
        A gEms sCHool     Fees: AED14,930 to AED45,205
        Maliha Rd         Waiting list? On Request  Extracurricular activities: Basket ball, cricket, swimming,
        Sharjah           Transport? Yes     trekking and adventure expeditions to the remotest desert areas
        06 534 6333       KHDA rating: N/A   and mountains, sports, including football, cricket, volleyball                         and tennis.

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