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Better Education                                             UniversiTies: DUbAi
        Al DAr UniversiTy   Home Campus: UAE  overview: Al Dar University College was established in 1993.
        College           Type: University   Its primary responsibility is to develop the society through
        Al Garhoud        number of students: 300  education, research and community engagement. A revised
        Dubai             number of faculty: 100  mission and vision represents the foundation of its responsibility
        04 282 6880       Fees: AED25,500 to   and commitment in creating an environment that is inclusive,   AED31,000          aspirational and focused on the needs of all stakeholders it                           serves. Its ultimate goal is to become, by 2021, the top ranking
                                             university in UAE.

        Al gHUrAir        Home Campus: UAE   overview: Founded in 1999, AGU is a leading college in
        UniversiTy        Type: University   engineering, business studies, IT and interior design. All
        Dubai Academic City  number of students: 550+  of its bachelor degrees are accredited by the UAE Ministry
        Dubai             number of graduates: 65  of Higher Education and Scientific Research. A recent
        04 420 0227       number of faculty: 10  relocation means that AGU is now based in Dubai  Fees: AED72,000  Academic City, where students will find cutting-edge                               computer and engineering labs plus well-equipped lecture halls
                                             and sports facilities.

        AmeriCAn College   Home Campus: USA  overview: The college is located on a purpose-built campus in
        oF DUbAi          Type: University   the Garhoud area of Dubai, near Dubai International Airport and
        Garhoud           number of students: 350+  opposite Dubai Festival City. Facilities include lecture halls, a
        Dubai             number of graduates: 34  separate library building with study areas, a major computer
        04 282 9992       number of faculty: 12  centre and related resource rooms, including a small clinic                            staffed by a resident nurse. Student activity areas include
                                             outdoor sports facilities such as a football field as well as
                                             basketball and volleyball courts. There is also a games hall
                                             alongside the cafeteria as well as a dedicated student
                                             activities centre.
        AmeriCAn          Home Campus: USA   overview: AUE is a licensed institution, offering accredited
        UniversiTy in THe   Type: University  programmes. It is a vibrant and dynamic university with the
        emirATes          number of students: 200+  vision to be one of the leading liberal higher-educational
        Block 6 and Block 10 Floor 2    number of graduates: 22  institutions, providing an integrated pathway for students
        Dubai International    number of faculty: 8  to become creative and productive members of the
        Academic City     Fees: AED36,000 to   community. AUE follows the American model of
        800 AUE (283)     AED80,000          education as a foundation for the structure and design of
        04 449 9000                          its programmes of study, while appreciating and celebrating the                               diverse culture and values of the UAE.

        AmeriCAn          Home Campus: UAE   overview: The university community believes it has a special
        UniversiTy in DUbAi   Type: University  commitment to support each individual’s goals. To this end, the
        (AUD)             number of students: 2700   university places emphasis on the educational, professional
        Sheikh Zayed Road, exit 32   number of graduates: 452  and personal growth of each student. AUD, as an international
        Dubai Media City  number of faculty: 8  institution of higher education, encourages global understanding
        Dubai             Fees: From AED31,572  by providing an atmosphere of cultural diversity and
        04 399 9000                          opportunities for international education. Programmes, policies                   and activities are evaluated periodically and changed,                              as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and
                                             the institution.
        AmiTy UniversiTy   Home Campus: India  overview: Amity University is research and innovation driven
        DUbAi             Type: University   Foundation University in India, a leading education group having
        Block-10, Ground Floor  number of students: 1021  grade “A” Accreditation by the National Accreditation body of
        Dubai International Academic   number of graduates: 5  government of India. As of today, Amity education group has over
        City              number of faculty: 45  150,000,students studying across 1000 acres of hi-tech campus
        Dubai                                250 educational programmes.
        04 455 4900

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