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Better Education
        esmoD FrenCH      Home Campus: France  overview: Since 2006, ESMOD Dubai is the first and only fashion
        FAsHion insTiTUTe   Type: Vocational institute  institute established in the Middle East that is fully dedicated to
        Dubai International Academic   number of students: 77+  fashion. This branch of ESMOD International Fashion Institutes
        City              number of graduates: 14  & University Group offers a worldwide reputation and network
        Dubai             number of faculty: 5  that continually grows. Well-known firms in the fashion sector
        04 429 1228                          acknowledge ESMOD’s expertise and therefore offer internships         and jobs to its students and graduates.

        HAmDAn bin        Home Campus: UAE   overview: Under the presidency of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin
        moHAmmeD smArT    Type: University   Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai,
        UniversiTy        number of students: 800+  Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) is committed
        Dubai Academic City  number of graduates: 245  to instigating a culture of quality, excellence and research
        Dubai             number of faculty: 24  through smart learning in the Arab world, with emphasis in
        04 424 11 11      Fees: AED48,500 to   the academic disciplines of business, quality management,       AED,98000          education, healthcare and environment. With its unique learning
                                             environment (the e-Campus Virtual Learning Environment), the
                                             university offers a fresh learning experience with the use of
                                             innovative technologies.
        HerioT-wATT       Home Campus: UK    overview: Heriot-Watt University was the first overseas
        UniversiTy DUbAi  Type: University   university to set up in Dubai International Academic City, offering
        Dubai International Academic   number of students: 2,700  top-quality British education to students and executives from
        City              number of graduates: 101  around the Gulf and further afield. The eighth-oldest higher-
        Dubai             number of faculty: 316  education institution in the UK (it was founded in Edinburgh over
        04 435 8700/701/702  Fees: From AED35,000  180 years ago), Heriot-Watt was invited to Dubai in recognition              of its global reputation and international reach in the fields of                       engineering and management.

        HUlT inTernATionAl   Home Campus: USA  overview: Hult’s intensive one-year MBA programme begins with
        bUsiness sCHool   Type: University   a four-week toolbox and four individual modules, addressing
        Dubai Internet City  number of students: 460  different stages in the growth of a business. The toolbox
        Dubai             number of graduates: 281  is specially designed to cover the skills and basic business
        04 427 5800       number of faculty: 30  knowledge that is vital to complete Hult’s accelerated one-year  Fees: USD41,300 to USD74,059  MBA programme. Seven cutting-edge campuses in the world’s                             most influential markets. OIt offers one-year programmes, part-
                                             time MBAs available for executives, global rotation programmes,
                                             and study in three countries in one year.

        insTiTUTe oF       Home Campus: India  overview: IMT Dubai is the first overseas campus of the
        mAnAgemenT         Type: University  renowned business school, IMT Ghaziabad, one of India’s top 10
        TeCHnology         number of students: 336  business schools. The Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
        Dubai International Academic   number of graduates: 97  Dubai was founded in 2006, and within a short span of time,
        City               number of faculty: 60  has emerged as a leading business school in the region, offering
        Dubai              Fees: AED13,500 to   high-quality business programmes and curriculums, outstanding
        04 422 7244        AED46,000         faculty, world-class infrastructure and facilities. Students at            IMT Dubai develop with a unique and challenging educational                       experience. Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education
                                             and Scientific Research, it is licensed by the Knowledge and
                                             Human Development Authority, Dubai Government.
        islAmiC AzAD      Home Campus: Iran, Islamic   overview: IAU is an Iranian non-profit, non-governmental system
        UniversiTy (iAU)  Republic of        of higher education founded in 1982 in response to an increasing
        Dubai International Academic   Type: University  social demand for specialised manpower and development.
        City              number of students: 518  Its campuses across the world, including Dubai International
        Dubai             number of graduates: 50  Academic City, amount to the world’s largest university body
        04 366 4696       number of faculty: 79  with over one million students studying its undergraduate and                          postgraduate courses.

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