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Better Education
        mUrDoCH           Home Campus: Australia  overview: At Murdoch Dubai, undergraduates can earn a fully
        UniversiTy DUbAi  Type: University   accredited Australian degree with its associated international
        Dubai International Academic   number of students: 799  recognition. All programmes are accredited by the Tertiary
        City, Block 10, 4th floor  number of graduates: 110  Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) in Australia and
        Dubai             number of faculty: 33  locally authorised by the Knowledge and Human Development
        04 435 5700       Fees: AED28,000 to   Authority (KHDA). The same transferable standards apply   AED46,000  regardless of whether studying takes place in Perth, Dubai or                   one of the other international or regional campuses. Students
                                             have the option to transfer credits earned across the network of
                                             campuses on a short or long-term basis, for a truly international
                                             learning experience.
        roCHesTer         Home Campus: USA   overview: RIT Dubai was established in 2008, and provides world
        insTiTUTe oF      Type: University   class educational university programs in the UAE for students
        TeCHnology        number of students: 460  and professionals from across the globe. RIT has a long history
        (riT DUbAi)       number of graduates: 7  of offering degree programs, meeting business and industry
        Dubai Silicon Oasis  number of faculty: 25  needs, and preparing students for successful careers in a global
        Dubai             Fees: AED62,000 to   society. RIT Dubai offers the same high quality, competitive, and
        04 371 2000       AED115,000         technology-based bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that                        you will receive at the main campus here in the United States. RIT                        is a true global university and we have relationships with more
                                             than 60 nations.
        sAe insTiTUTe     Home Campus: Australia  overview: Course offerings have grown to include animation,
        Block 16, Level 2  Type: University  web, games and multimedia, and the university is always
        Dubai Knowledge Village  number of students: 312  examining new and exciting opportunities as they arise in the
        Dubai             number of graduates: 68  region. In 2011, its Middle East operations were acquired by
        04 361 6173       number of faculty: 17  TwoFour54. Its vision is “to enable the development of world                   class Arabic media and entertainment content”. With this                          partnership, SAE Dubai will have strong support in the local area
                                             and industry.

        s P JAin sCHool   Home Campus: Australia  overview: The Dubai campus sets an atmosphere that motivates
        oF globAl         Type: University   a student to learn management courses such as GMBA
        mAnAgemenT        number of students: 1,245  (Global MBA), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration),
        Dubai International Academic   number of graduates: 330  EMBA (executive mba) and explore, and derive benefits from
        City              number of faculty: 69  interactions with the multinational student community of the
        Dubai                                Dubai International Academic City (DIAC).
        04 561 6700

        synergy UniversiTy   Home Campus: Russia  overview: Dubai’s first university located in Jumeirah Lakes
        DUbAi             Type: University   Towers, Synergy University Dubai is governed through the Dubai
        Cluster I, Platinum Tower,   number of students: 150+  Multi Commodities Center Authority (DMCCA). It therefore
        32 floor          number of graduates: 25  occupies a very special place among the universities and colleges
        Jumeirah Lake Towers  number of faculty: 8  in Dubai and the UAE, being located in the fastest growing
        Dubai             Fees: AED18,350 to AED29,360   business community, DMCC, which is home to more than 10,000
        04 435 5700                          businesses, thus providing students with a unique opportunity                   to study in a thriving business hub.

        THe nATionAl      Home Campus: UAE   overview: NIVE represents a new and clear vision for Vocational
        insTiTUTe For     Type: Vocational institute  Education in the UAE. This vision places a major emphasis on
        voCATionAl        number of students: 145  the importance of vocational education correlated to the UAE’s
        eDUCATion (nive)  number of graduates: 30  future skills base, competitiveness and economic development
        Dubai International Academic   number of faculty: 22  within the context of a global economy. This vision also raises
        City                                 the status of vocational education and provides a meaningful,
        Dubai                                credible opportunity to all UAE citizens. To this end, NIVE has
        04 369 4000                          adopted a coherent vocational educational framework, offering                     clear progression routes and exit points to the world of work.
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