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UNIVERSITIES: DUBAI                                            Autumn Term 2017
      UNIVERSITy oF     Home Campus: UK    overview: The University of Bradford programme is a consortium
      BRADFoRD          Type: University   programme. This means that a number of key corporations in
      Dubai Knowledge Village  Number of Students: 160  Dubai sponsor their managers to study for an MBA with the
      Dubai             Number of graduates:54  university. Sponsorship typically takes the form of financial, time
      04 439 3694       Number of faculty: 10  or work assistance.

      UNIVERSITy oF DUBAI  Home Campus: UAE  overview: University of Dubai was established in 1997 with
      Al Maktoum Road   Type: University   the support of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
      Deira             Number of Students: 800+  Due to its affiliations with Dubai Chamber, the university
      Dubai             Number of graduates: 300+  has close links with the business community and is the only
      04 224 2472       Number of faculty: 24  university (accredited by the United Arab Emirates Ministry                             of Higher Education and Scientific Research) to earn
                                           international accreditation from both AACSB (Association to
                                           Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and the ABET/CAC
                                           (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

      UNIVERSITy oF     Home Campus: UK    overview: The EdD TESOL aims to provide experienced senior
      ExETER            Type: University   professionals within the field of language teaching with an
      Dubai International Academic   Number of Students: 68  opportunity to study at advanced level for a doctoral degree by
      City              Number of graduates: 7  means of a taught programme plus a thesis. The course involves
      Dubai             Number of faculty: 8  an in-depth examination of issues related to language learning
      04 369 3048                          and teaching and language teacher education. It also provides                     a solid grounding in research methodology appropriate for                         undertaking research at doctoral level within these fields.

      UNIVERSITy oF     Home Campus: Lebanon  overview: The College of Law at the Dubai branch of the Faculty
      ST. JoSEPH        Type: University   of Law and Political Science in Beirut, working under the
      Dubai International Academic   Number of Students: 100+  supervision of the latter, takes into account the mandatory laws
      City              Number of graduates: 27  and regulations in force in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.
      Dubai             Number of faculty: 20  The certificates issued by the Faculty of Law in Dubai include
      04 438 0630                          a bachelor’s degree in law, and certificates of rights (in-depth                     lessons or Master’s degree or certificate), issued by the Faculty
                                           of Law (of parent institution in Beirut).

      UNIVERSITy        Curriculum: Canadian  overview: The University of Waterloo brings the same high
      oF wATERloo       Number of students: On   standard of educational standards that it is renowned for in
      Dubai International  request         Canada to the UAE, offering students the opportunity to be
      Academic City                        taught by experienced Waterloo engineering and mathematics
      Dubai                                professors direct from the Canadian campus. On-the-job training
      04 403 8452                          is alternated with traditional in-class learning. The result is an                     education interwoven with real-world relevance.

      UNIVERSITy oF     Home Campus: Australia  overview: UOWD was established in the UAE in 1993 by one of the
      wolloNgoNg IN     Type: University   world’s top ranking universities, the UOWD, Originally known as
      DUBAI (UowD)      Number of Students: 4,000  the Institute for Australian Studies, UOWD is a vibrant, dynamic
      Room G-05, Block 15   Number of graduates: 767  and diverse institution, retaining a strong Australian heritage.
      Dubai Knowledge Village  Number of faculty: 85  Over the past 21 years, it has established an outstanding
      Dubai             Fees: AED29,600 to   record for educating highly employable graduates and gained
      04 278 1800       AED44,000          an international reputation for the quality of our educational                  practices. With over 4,000 students from over 100 countries                       being taught by academics from more than 40 countries,
                                           UOWD offers the best traditions of western education in a truly
                                           multicultural learning environment.
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