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Better Education

                                 What successes are you seeing?  Do the right thing
                                 We see our children inspired   The moral education
                                 by these classes. In terms of   programme aims to create
                                 formal assessment, we can see   a generation of citizens who:
                                 demonstrable trends. We have    Tolerate and accept cultures
                                 seen attainment rise since the   different to their own;
                                 programme has been implemented    Understand and appreciate
                                 in our academic social studies   their own local heritage
        The moral education      classes. More interestingly,   and culture;
                                                            Are armed with the
           programme will        we track effort and this is   knowledge, resources
                                 where we have seen a leap in
         help young people       progress. Data shows that pupils   and skills that allow them
                                                           to make good, well informed
          mature and make        are more engaged and putting   and responsible judgments
                                 more effort into social studies
           better choices        because of the moral education   about challenging matters
                                 programme. In our pastoral   of moral importance;
                                 sessions, we encourage pupils    Understand their
                                 to write reflective journals. This   civic system, rights and
                                 introspective opportunity has   responsibilities
                                 given pupils both mindfulness   and are aware of the role
                                 and self-awareness about their   they need to play to support
                                 character and how they can   and sustain the nation’s
                                 become the best version   developmental efforts.
                                 of themselves.
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