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Better Education

                               for Life

                     The new frontiers of knowledge are continuously being discovered.
                         We take a look at the soft skills needed to keep up with
                             and contribute to our ever-changing world

        How do we prepare children to   offer fast-paced, technologically   necessary to enable them to
        become well rounded and flexible   advanced environments. While   become better learners.
        in today’s rapidly-changing world?   students work with the latest   “The illiterate of the 21st
        By taking a holistic approach   technologies, including augmented   century will not be those who
        to help develop skills that are   and virtual reality, multimedia and   cannot read and write, but
        needed to help children forge their   gamification, they also need to   those who cannot learn, unlearn
        way once they fly the nest, many   develop skills for technologies and   and relearn,” said American
        schools are embedding the six C’s   jobs not yet developed.   futurologist Alvin Toffler. It’s
        – critical thinking, collaboration,   “Through deliberate research   a quote that Tusek can relate to.
        communication, creativity, culture   of advances in technology,   “Recently, in a conversation with
        and connectivity – into their   we, as educators, can only   one of our parents, he spoke of
        curriculums.             speculate on the skills needed   a development project and the
          Tammy Tusek, principal of   for future professions,” she says.   design of a parking structure. In
        Collegiate American School   “Concurrently, students also need   planning, they were considering
        in Dubai, believes these skills   to take ownership of their role    the upgrades in personal transport
        are necessary so that as our   in studies.”      vehicles in the next few years,”
        children enter their professional   Indeed, there is more pressure   she says. “This consideration
        careers, they can be versatile   than ever before for schools to   systematically changed the
        in our global industries, which   equip children with the skills   concept and design of the project.
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