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Better Education

                                 on once they have completed their   time, is just one method used to
                                 years at Foremarke as confident   meet this challenge. Principal Dr
                                 children, successful learners and   Sheryl Steinberg Abukar believes
                                 responsible citizens.”  that the skills outlined in the six
                                                         C’s are critical for individuals
                                 Be the boss             as well as society. “Our job, as
                                 Next Generation School in Dubai   educators, is to help all students
                                 has also focused on developing   learn how to use the tools of
                                 life-long learners by partnering   literacy, enquiry, and critical
                                 with FranklinCovey, which   thinking to discover their unique
                                 specialises in performance   capabilities and to appreciate
                                 improvement. Its participation   those of others; to make meaning
                                 in the Leader in Me programme,   of the world in which they live, and
                                 which focuses on unleashing each   to discover worlds beyond that
                                 child’s full potential, has led to   which they are familiar,” she says.
                                 FranklinCovey to recognise Next   “By doing so, we prepare today’s
                                 Generation School as a top school   students to be tomorrow’s leaders,
                                 for inspiring leadership skills in    to use knowledge for beneficial
                                 its children.           purposes, and to make meaningful
                                  Another challenge that   contributions to society.”
                                 institutions face is keeping up   By incorporating the latest
                                 to date with the rapid changes   technologies into the classroom
                                 in how students learn, and the   and equipping students with
                                 greater diversity in the student   innovative skills and a global
                                 population. Next Generation   citizenship outlook, forward-
                                 School’s use of Smart Boards,   thinking schools are helping
                                 which allows up to 10 children to   to meet the challenges that we
                                 work collaboratively at the same   cannot yet imagine.
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