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Nurseries: ABu dHABi                                           Autumn Term 2017
                                     ABu dHABi
      Al dANA Nurseries   Curriculum: Arabic/US  Facilities: Safe, secure and appropriate outdoor discovery/play
      Abu Dhabi         Age: 45 days to 4 years  areas provide a range of opportunities for the social, physical
      800 68 77         Term dates: Yearly  and emotional development of children. Facilities also include
      02 582 1130       Fees: AED15,500 to AED25,000  sleeping and meal rooms. Clinical services are offered in all             branches with nurses available to take care of children’s health                  during the nursery day and write reports about each child in his
                                           or her health file.
                                           Hours of operation: 7.30am-5pm.

      Apple Bee Nursery  Curriculum: The American   Activities: Arts and crafts activities play a large part in Apple Bee
      Al Rowdah area    Creative Curriculum   Nursery’s daily routine. Children are provided with opportunities
      Abu Dhabi         Age: 6 weeks to 4 years  to develop their fine motor skills (small hand muscles) using a
      02 443 4747       Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   variety of materials, such as play dough, chalk, crayons, paint.
      02 445 3317       Apr-Jun  Fees: AED 18,000 to   Hours of operation: 8am-5pm.

      Birds oF Hope     Curriculum: Arabic  Activities: Play cubes, face painting, sand play, play area, sand
      Nursery           Age: 40 days to 4 years  drawing, painting.
      Al Salah          Term dates: Monthly
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED12,000 to AED18,000  Hours of operation: 7am-3pm; extra hours available upon request.
      02 621 3411

      BrigHT BegiNNiNgs   Curriculum: UK   Activities: Two outdoor play areas, water play area, mini cars
      Nursery           Age: 1 month to 4 years  and bikes, tiny shops and houses, swings, sandpit. The second
      Al Mehairba, Abu Dhabi   Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan- Mar,   outdoor area consists of ball play, climbing frames, balance
      02 445 5339       Apr-Jun, Jul-Aug (optional   equipment, a trampoline, tunnels, while the indoor area includes
      Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi   holiday programme)  a library, dressing-up area, puppet theatre, play kitchen and
      02 449 2840       Fees: From AED 18,000  a computer pod. Plus, there is a designated music area with
      Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi           instruments and cooking activities.
      02 628 4816                  Hours of operation: 7am-2pm; late classes until 4pm.

      BriTisH orCHArd   Curriculum: The British   Activities: Activities: Learning through play, educational visits,
      Nursery           National Curriculum: (EYFS)  art and craft, cookery, swimming, library/ICT, music, Arabic and
      Al Nayhan, Abu Dhabi  Age: 6 weeks to 5 years  French, karate, tennis, soccer, field trips, GymJuniorz.
      02 443 9892       Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,
      Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi  Apr-Jun        Hours of operation: 8am-5pm.
      02 622 2903       Fees: AED30,000 to  AED50,000

      Busy Bees Nursery  Curriculu:m EYFS  Activities: Singing and dancing, arts and crafts, physical
      Madinat Zayed     Age: 18 months to 4.5 years  activities, water and sand play, mark-making, play dough,
      Abu Dhabia        Term dates: Sep-Nov, Dec-Feb,   constructive playtime, freeplay, stories and so much more.
      02 621 9492       Mar-Jun  Fees: From AED22,230  Hours of operation: 8am-2pm.

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