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Nurseries: ABu dHABi                                           Autumn Term 2017
      redwood           Curriculum: Montessori:   Activities: Redwood Montessori Nursery is an outstanding,
      MoNTessori        English, French & Arabic   spacious nursery providing state-of-the-art facilities
      Nursery           Age: 4 months to 4 years  for early years development. The authentic Montessori
      Khalifa City A, Street 38,  Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   curriculum nurtures children for the 21st century by providing
      Abu Dhabi         Apr-Jun            extracurricular activities, including a water splash park, mini
      02 556 4611       Fees: From AED30,000       kitchen, organic plantation, projection room and varied afternoon
      056 196 8807                         enrichment sessions of tennis, gymnastics, ballet, dance
      Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi           and music.
      050 156 6278                Hours of operation: 7am-5pm.

      spriNg Fields     Curriculum: EYFS   Activities: Play ground, swimming pool, sand and water play,
      Nursery           Age: 2 months to 4 years  junior gym, classrooms, rubber floor, safe entrance, technology
      Najda Street      Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   and many more.
      Abu Dhabi         Apr-Jun
      02 6220 130       Fees: On request   Hours of operation: 7am-6pm.
      02 6220 140

      sTeppiNg sToNes   Curriculum: Modern   Activities: Dance, art, story time, creative media, drama, music
      Nursery           Montessori         and play.
      Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi   Age: 18 months to 4 years
      02 681 5583       Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Hours of operation: 8am-5pm.
      Al Rowdha, Abu Dhabi  Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul
      02 445 2260       Fees: AED 38,000 to
      Bain-Al-Jasrain, Abu Dhabi   AED 69,000
      02 558 8318
      Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi
      02 556 5991
      suNNy MeAdows     Curriculum: Montessori  Activities: Arts and crafts, music, pouring liquids, writing letters,
      Nursery           Age: 2 months to 4 years  computing sums, story time.
      Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi  Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      02 556 0806       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Hours of operation: 7.30am-2pm; late classes until 5pm.
      Murroor, Abu Dhabi  Fees: AED18,900 to
      02 444 2490       AED36,000
      Al Rayyana, Abu Dhabi
      (opening soon)
      02 556 0806
      swANs Nursery     Curriculum: English/Arabic  Activities: Drawing, library, splash day, play area, outdoor trips,
      Al Salam Street   Age: 1 month to 4 years  masquerade party, painting.
      Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Quarterly
      02 642 2764       Fees: AED10,000 to   Hours of operation: 7am-3pm; late classes until 5pm.  AED15,000

      Teddy BeAr        Curriculum: American  Facilities: There are six dedicated activity centres, including
      AMeriCAN Nursery  Age: 8 months to 4 years  Teddy’s Gymnasium, music room, Imagination Station,
      Khalifa City A    Term dates: Quarterly  Montessori Area, library and sensory room and five outdoor
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED24,000 to   playing areas. These, along with the classroom, diversifies and
      02 556 8566       AED40,500          integrates various learning environments to accommodate for            different learning needs and styles. All of the daycare amenities                 are designed with children’s safety in mind.
                                           Hours of operation: 7am-3pm; late classes until 5pm.

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