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Better Education

                            Welcome to the autumn term

                            Following the summer holidays, parents will be embracing back to
                            school with excitement for what the year ahead holds. The start
                            of the academic year not only welcomes students from around
                            the world, but it also sees the opening of new schools, including
                            British Columbia Canadian School and The Alpha School (page 4).
                            This year, all schools are adopting the moral education curriculum.
                            We speak to pilot school Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi about its
                            significance (page 11).

                            How do we prepare children to become well rounded and flexible in
                            today’s rapidly-changing, technology-driven world? Read what the
                            experts have to say on page 17. To counterbalance the increasing
                            amount of time children spend learning through technology, many
                            schools and nurseries are ensuring children take time to connect
                            with nature. Find out why this is important on page 6.

                            We also speak to Olivia Corsi, founder of children’s furniture
                            store Caramel & Sun, who reveals how to create an inspiring kids’
                            playroom (page 14).
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