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Better Education
        duBAi AuTisM      Curriculum: Special needs  Activities: Special education, occupational therapy,
        CeNTer            Age: 3 years to 8 years  speech therapy, movement therapy, music therapy,
        Diyafa Road       Term dates: Yearly  art therapy and computer literacy.
        Villa no 20       Fees: On request
        Dubai                                Hours of operation: 8am-1.30pm.
        04 398 6862

        duBAi eArly CHild   Curriculum: Support Services   About: Its mission is to help children with a disability or those
        developMeNT       UAE/ Special Needs  who are at risk of developmental delay, and to help their families
        CeNTre            Age: Up to 6 years   to improve the quality of their lives through comprehensive
        Academic City     Fees: Free for UAE Nationals  assessment, compassionate comprehensive community-based
        Al Ruwayeh                           services and family-centred programmes, while promoting
        Dubai                                advocacy, research and professional development.
        04 326 0300                           Hours of operation: 7am-5pm.

        duBAi geM Nursery  Curriculum: Indian, UK   Activities: P.E., music, annual concert, sports day, picnics,
        Near Iranian Hospital  EYFS          television cartoon shows, music lessons, indoor sports.
        Jumeirah          Age: Lower nursery:
        Dubai             1.5 years to 2.5 years.  Hours of operation: 8am-12.30pm.
        04 345 3550       Upper nursery: 2.5 years to
        050 653 2586      3.5 years      Term dates: Sep-Dec,
                          Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun
                          Fees: From AED18,000
        eMerAld CiTy      Curriculum: Reggio Emilia   Activities: Reading, messy and heuristic play, sensory and
        Nursery           Inspired British curriculum –   exploratory play, drumming, swimming, brain gym, cooking and
        (pArT oF THe      Early Years Foundation Stage    baking, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, ballet, music and movement, gardening,
        BeAuTiFul         (EYFS)             picnics, meditation, field trips.
        MiNds Nurseries)  Age: 45 days to 4+ years
        Street 21a        Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-  Hours of operation: 7am-6pm.
        Jumeirah 2        Mar, Apr-July (with holiday
        Dubai             programmes)
        04 349 0848       Fees: AED28,000 to AED31,350  waiting list? sometimes for
                          some age groups
        eMirATes          Curriculum: UK EYFS  Activities: Teddy bear’s picnic, sports day, soft play, music and
        BriTisH Nursery   Age: 3 months to 4 years   rhyme time, discovery corner, fun with numbers, spring concert,
        Mirdif, Dubai     (Mirdif branch),   water play, sensory garden, chit-chat mornings for parents,
        04 288 9222       18 months to 4 years   boogie tots, sporty tots, spring egg hunt, festive
        Umm Suqeim, Dubai  (Umm Suqeim branch)  parties, fun in the park, water wingers.
        04 348 9996       Term dates: Sep-Jun
        Motorcity, Dubai  Fees: AED21,300 to   Hours of operation: 8am-5.30pm (Mirdif branch); 8am-3pm
        04 567 6555       AED39,000          (Umm Suqeim branch); 8am-5.30pm (Motor City).

        FirsT sTeps Nursery  Curriculum: UK, EYFS,   Activities: Special events and field trips, physical development
        Villa 72-A        Montessori         such as visit to the civil defence department, fun day, cleaning
        Al-Meser Steet    Age: 18 months to 4 years  day, circus day, community helpers, farm markets. Creative
        Umm Sequeim 3     Term dates: Sep-Dec,   development such as costume day, National Day, teddy bear day,
        Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Mother’s Day, fun day.
        04 348 6302       Fees: AED18,000 to
        055 790 2553      AED22,000          Hours of operation: 8am-12pm.

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