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NURSERIES: DUBAI                                               Autumn Term 2017
      KIDS KINgDoM      Curriculum: British, Indian,   Activities: In-house expertise of creative learning and play
      lEARNINg CENTRE   UK EYFS            offers music, art and crafts, water play, yoga, aerobics, Zumba,
      Plot No 983, Floor B-1     Age: 6 months to 2 years  kick boxing, candle making and cooking lessons. Special dance
      Icon-2, Cluster L    Term dates: Sep-Dec,   and sports classes are organised by inviting practitioners from
      Jumeirah Lakes Towers   Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun    outside the nursery.
      Dubai             Fees: On request
      04 552 1585                          Hours of operation: Early drop-off between 7.30am and 8am;
      055 319 8342                         EYFS Curriculum: 8am-12.30pm; extended care with structured                       activities: 12.30pm-6pm. Closed Friday.

      KIDS pAlACE       Curriculum: UK, French  Activities: French and Arabic classes, ballet, music, gymnastics,
      NURSERy           Age: 14 months to 4 years   drama, interactive board.
      Al Wasl Road      Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      Umm Suqeim 3      Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Hours of operation: 7.30am-6pm.
      Dubai             Fees: AED30,000 to
      04 348 4163       AED50,000
      050 350 0039

      KIDDy plANET      Curriculum: EYFS   Activities: Gymnastics teaches children balance, flexibility,
      NURSERy           Age: 3 months to 4 years  confidence and determination; rhythm and movement develops
      Umm Suqeim 3, Dubai  Term dates: Sep-Dec,   coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and memory;
      04 328 4465       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   sports classes encourage healthy fitness habits in physical
      050 168 6845      Fees: On request   exercise, building confidence, flexibility and strong bodies and
      Al Quoz, Dubai                       minds; IT classes introduce children to computers through
      04 339 0010                          games and smart-board interactives; arts and crafts enable                       children to discover creativity through painting, sculpting and
                                           craft activities.
                                           Hours of operation: 7.30am-5.30pm.
      KIDS SpoT NURSERy  Curriculum: Arabic, UK EYFS  Activities: Early childhood educators, Kids Spot Nursery
      Al Wasl           Age: 4 months to 6 years  understands the importance of providing children with extra-
      Jumeirah          Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   curricular activities. It offers many activities on a regular basis,
      Dubai             Apr-Jun            including Arabic, French, music, Masterchef, karate, gardening,
      04 344 8541       Fees: From AED28,000  water play and gym classes.
                                           Hours of operation: 7.30am-6pm.

      KIDS woRlD        Curriculum: UK EYFS  Activities: Art, music, movement, dance, role-play, design
      CREATIvE lEARNINg   Age: 2 years to 6 years  and technology.
      CENTRE            Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,
      Jumeirah Lakes Towers  Apr-Jun       Hours of operation: 7am-6pm.
      Dubai             Fees: from AED6,200
      04 453 4272
      055 839 7565
      050 359 2666

      KIDS zoNE NURSERy   Curriculum: EYFS   Activities: Boogie babies, art and craft, singing, storysacks, show
      Dubailand, Dubai  Age: 2 months to 4 years   and tell, library, creative movement, theme days, painting.
      04 452 6474       Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      050 857 1122      Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Hours of operation: 7am-5pm.
      Umm Suqeim, Dubai  Fees: AED16,500 to AED34,500
      04 388 3762
      056 600 7715

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