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Better Education
        THe CHildreN’s    Curriculum: Multi-lingual Pre-  Activities: Swimming pool, art studio, shaded play areas, climbing
        gArdeN greeN      school Curriculum    frames, music and movement room, mathzone forest, sandpit,
        CoMMuNiTy (TCggC)  Age: 2 to 6 years  reading majlis, room of knowledge.
        Green Community   Term dates: Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun
        DIP               Fees: AED 29,925 to     extracurricular activities: German, French, Arabic, jolly phonics,
        Dubai             AED 46,000         origami, little ballerinas, maths slub, cooking, dance and science.
        04 885 3484  (ext 200)        Hours of operation: KG1/KG2 – 8.15am-2.15pm; Pre-KG – 8.15am-                   12pm/2.15pm; Nursery – 8.30am-12pm/2pm.

        THe CHildreN’s    Curriculum: Multi-lingual    Activities: Water play, sandpit, climbing frame, race track,
        gArdeN JuMeirA    Pre-school Curriculum   majlis, music & movement room, shaded play areas, art studio,
        (TCgJ)            Age: 2 to 6 years  mathazone forest, room of knowledge, library, sensory room
        Villa 297         Term dates: Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun
        Jumeirah 2        Fees: AED 29,000 to AED   extracurricular activities: English, French, Arabic and German
        Dubai             46,000             language, art, maths, songs, science, cooking, sport and zumba
        04 349 2985 (ext 200)             Hours of operation: KG1/KG2 – 8.30am-2.30pm; Pre-KG –                   8.30am-12pm/2pm; Nursery – 8.30am-12pm/2pm.

        THe CHildreN’s    Curriculum: Multi-lingual Pre-  Facilities: Water park, climbing frames, sandpit, swings, shaded
        gArdeN BArsHA (TCgB)   school Curriculum  play areas, auditorium, room of knowledge, art studio, music room,
        Corner Road 43 and 36 B Street  Age: 2 to 6 years  language room, movement room, majlis, mathzone, mathazone forest,
        Al Barsha 2       Term dates: Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun  ballet studio, parent meeting room, prayer room.
        Dubai             Fees: AED31,000 to
        04 399 0160 (ext 207)  AED50,000     extracurricular activities: French, Arabic, Spanish, art, music,              movement, math, football, ballet, cookery.
                                             Hours of operation: KG1/KG2 – 8.30am-2.30pm; Pre-KG – 8.30am-
                                             12pm/2pm; Nursery – 8.30am-12pm/2pm.
        Toddlers          Curriculum: EYFS   Activities: Arts and craft, being creative with playdough and
        iNTerNATioNAl     Age: 3 months to 4 years  sand, music and movement sessions, exploring the indoor play
        Nursery           Term dates: Sep-Dec,   area and the supermarket role play corner and using various
        Al Mankhool       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun    outdoor materials and equipment, such as bikes, slides, swings,
        Bur Dubai         Fees: AED16,200 to   balls and the trampoline.
        Dubai             AED26,100
        04 398 3111                          Hours of operation: 8.30am-5pm.

        THe KeNsiNgToN    Curriculum: UK     Activities: Arabic classes, physical education class and
        Nursery           Age: 4 months to 5 years  water play.
        Dubai Silicon Oasis   Term dates: Sep-Dec,
        Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Hours of operation: 7.30am-6pm.
        04 342 3399       Fees: From AED30,000

        THe liTTle        Curriculum: British EYFS  Activities: Circle time, role play, small world, indoor and outdoor
        disCoverers       Age: 4 months to 4 years  play areas, water play, singing, dancing, story time, painting and
        Nursery           Term dates: Sep    a variety of other activities.
        Safa 1            Fees: On request
        Dubai                                Hours of operation: 7am-6pm, with flexible days and timings.
        04 394 6066
        055 574 7347

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