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Better Education                                            Nurseries: sHArJAH
        ArT ANd
        eduCATioNAl CeNTre   Curriculum: EYFS  Activities: Language development, mathematical
        AT sHArJAH lAdies   Age: 1 month to 4 years  development, good manners, physical development,
        CluB – BAsATeeN   Term dates: Monthly  outdoor play, art and craft, music and movement, sports, gym,
        presCHool CeNTre  Fees: on request   audio visual, educational TV, library time, songs, stories.
        Sharjah Ladies Club
        Sharjah                              Hours of operation: 8am-8pm.
        06 506 7717

        CHuBBy CHeeK’s    Curriculum: British EYFS  Activities: Story time, language, reading, shapes and letter
        Nursery – sHArJAH  Age: 2 months to 4 years  learning, music and dance, rhyme, pattern seeking, running,
        Al Taawun         Term dates: Sep-Dec,   climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, riding tricycles, throwing
        Sharjah           Jan-Apr, Apr-Jun   and catching, watering plants, playdough play, puzzles, arts and
        06 525 5870       Fees: AED10,500 to AED19,500  crafts.
        050 675 6229              Hours of operation: 7am-6pm.

        dreAMlANd Nursery   Curriculum: UK/Arabic/French  Activities: Paddling, music, trips, special events, gymnastics,
        Al Yarmouk        Age: 2 to 4 years  acting. The nursery also organises monthly trips for the
        Sharjah           Term dates: Registration   children,and offers a variety of events and celebrations
        06 566 1133       is based on three months,   throughout the year, such as Sports Day, fancy dress parties,
        050 646 9960      starting on the day of the   Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and much more.  child’s admittance
                          Fees: AED15,000 to   Hours of operation: 7am-2pm, 2pm-5pm.

        eMirATes eNglisH   Curriculum: British EYFS   Activities: English, math and Arabic classes, musi, balle, story
        Nursery           Age: 12 months to 4 years  time, field trips, art and craft, physical activities.
        Al Fayha area, Ramla Sq   Term dates: Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec,
        Villa #4          Jan-Mar            Hours of operation: 8am-5pm.
        Sharjah           Fees: On request
        06 566 3339
        050 108 5008

        eNglisH rose      Curriculum: British EYFS   Activities: Children do small group work so, although they might
        BriTisH Nursery   Age: 19 months to 4.5 years  be based in their one particular class, they get to enjoy specific
        Basher Bin Abbas Street    Term dates: Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec,   areas, such as the garden, sand water play area, home corners,
        Al Fisht          Jan-Mar            book areas, sensory and the soft play areas.
        Sharjah           Fees: From AED15,000
        06 522 8477                          Hours of operation: 8am-1pm. (These timings are subject to               change throughout the year, due to demand.)

        FuTure            Curriculum: EYFS   Activities: Programmes are designed to meet specific learning
        iNTerNATioNAl     Age: 3 months to 4 years  objectives through play, physical activities, experiences in the
        Nursery           Term dates: Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec,   learning centres, craft-making, storytelling, performing, reading
        Emirates Road     Jan-Mar            and other activities.
        Muwafjah (opposite Sharjah   Fees: AED14,750 to AED22,850
        Shooting Club)                       Hours of operation: 8am-6pm.
        06 548 7101

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