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SchoolS: ABU DhABI
                                     ABU DhABI
      ABU DhABI GRAmmAR   curriculum: Canada  Facilities: A large gymnasium, an undercover play area and
      School (cAnADA)   Age: KG2 to Grade 12  a new 25m pool. To meet the fine arts component of the
      Tourist Club Area  Term dates: Sep-Jun  curriculum, there is an art room, music room, computer room
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED21,400 to AED45,100  and dance studio. There are two science labs for junior and
      02 644 4703       Waiting list? On request  senior high school classes, and a new library has been built   Transport? Yes     to encourage a love of reading.
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated
                                           Extracurricular activities: Every classroom is wired to a computer
                                           and projector for instructional purposes.

      ABU DhABI         curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Science labs, library, computer labs, large playground.
      InDIAn School     Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
      Muroor Road       Term dates: Apr-Jun,   Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, soccer,
      Abu Dhabi         Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar  badminton, tennis, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, regular
      02 448 8025       Fees: From AED7,950 to   inter-house and inter-school athletic meets (for the girls and       AED13,754          boys) are highlights of the school calendar.
                        Waiting list? Yes
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated

      ABU DhABI InDIAn   curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Library, kindergarten and primary playground, music
                                           and dance room, computer-science lab, general science lab,
                        Age: KG1 to Grade 10
      School, BRAnch 1  Term dates: Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep,   sports and recreation room, yoga room, medical room, art and
      Al Wathba South   Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar   craft activities. Upcoming facilities include swimming pool,
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED8,650 to   multipurpose auditorium, gymnasium, tennis court, canteen,
      02 583 1991       AED19,450          basketball court.
                        Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band C Rated
      ABU DhABI         curriculum: Arabic/UK/US  Facilities: Chemistry lab, computer lab, computer-science lab,
      InTERnATIonAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 12   biology lab, learning resource centre, green field, gymnasium,
      (PvT) School      Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   gymnasium theatre.
      Al Karamah Street  Apr-Jun
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED 30,800 to     Extracurricular activities: All kinds of indoor and outdoor
      02 443 4433       AED 46,400         activities.       Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band A Rated

      AjyAl             curriculum: UK/UAE  Facilities: Large, modern, well-equipped classrooms with break-
      InTERnATIonAl     Age: FS1 to Grade 8  out areas and embedded technology, bespoke science lab, design
      School            Term dates: Sep-Jan,   and ICT, four design and technology rooms – food technology,
      Mohammad Bin Zayed City  Jan-Feb, Feb-Jun  resistant materials, graphics and textiles – music rooms and
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED27,700 to   recording studio, 15m swimming pool and learners’ pool, shaded
      02 552 2668       AED50,350          outdoor play spaces including dedicated early years area.      Waiting list? No
                        Transport? Yes     Extracurricular activities: Various types of sporting activities.
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated

      Al BASmA BRITISh   curriculum: UAE/UK  Facilities: Science labs, library, computer labs, large playground,
      School            Age KG1 to Grade 12  attractive classrooms, multipurpose auditorium, music, art and
      Al Bahia          Term dates: Apr-Jun,   design, and design and technology rooms, dance and drama and
      Abu Dhabi         Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar  TV/audio studios, 25m swimming pool, library, fully equipped
      02 562 3454       Fees: AED19,000 to   science labs.  AED30,000
                        Waiting list? Yes  Extracurricular activities: Art, basketball, ball games, music,
                        Transport? Yes     football, French, well-supervised adventure area where students
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated  can play, run, hide and explore the natural world.

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