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Better Education
        Al DhAFRA         Curriculum: Arabic/UK/US  Facilities:  Science labs, library, computer labs, playground.
        PRivATE SChool    Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
        Mohamed Bin Zayed City  Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   Extracurricular activities: Elite Sport and its team of highly
        Abu Dhabi         Apr-Jun            experienced sports coaches offer high-quality coaching sessions
        02 610 8400       Fees: AED24,000 to   in sports including football, swimming, basketball, ballet, Zumba,
        02 610 8401       AED41,400          karate and tennis after school each day.  Waiting list? Yes
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band B Rated

        Al muShRiF         Curriculum: English National   Facilities: Football field, 25m swimming pool, outdoor and indoor
        Al Manaseer Area   Curriculum        basketball courts, outdoor and indoor netball courts, outdoor
        Abu Dhabi          Age: FS1 to Year 6  shaded play area, indoor sports hall, dance studio, canteen,
        02 813 2200        Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   library, art and DT classrooms, drama performance hall (850   Apr-Jun           seats), drama studio, music recital rooms, food-technology
                           Fees: AED43,560 per year  classrooms, two prayer rooms, atrium.
                           Waiting list? On request
                           Transport? N/A    Extracurricular activities: Yoga Pretzels, painting by numbers,
                           ADEC Rated: Outstanding  dance, baking, sewing/knitting, art and crafts, Disney, reading
                                             stories, Quran rules of recitation, Arabic drama, capoeira,
                                             basketball, netball, Magical Mathematics.
        Al muRooj          Curriculum: Arabic/UK  Facilities: Library, science lab, modern computer lab, specially
        SCiEnTiFiC PRivATE   Age: FS1 - Year9  designed playground.
        SChool             Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,
        Khalifa Bin Shakhboot Street   Apr-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Physical education, arts and crafts,
        Abu Dhabi          Fees AED 16,200 to 25,600  cooking, playing, music, scouts.
        02 666 9229        Waiting list? No  Transport? Yes
                           ADEC Rated: Band B Rated

        Al RAyyAn nATionAl   Curriculum: Indian/UAE/UK  Facilities: Science labs, computer labs, library, basketball
        PRivATE SChool    Age: Kindergarten to Grade 10  court, canteen.
        Rowdha area       Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,
        Abu Dhabi         Apr-Jun            Extracurricular activities: Various kinds of sporting activities.
        02 446 4575       Fees: AED5,100 to AED8,225  Waiting list? No
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: N/A

        Al RAbEEh SChool   Curriculum: UK    Facilities: Science labs, library, computer labs, large
        Hadbat Al Zafranah  Age: Kindergarten to Grade 6  playground. Further details available on request.
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Apr-Jun,
        02 448 2856 (administration)  Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar  Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, soccer,
        02 448 2866 (nurse)  Fees: AED25,400 to AED31,300  badminton, tennis, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, regular inter-   Waiting list? Yes  house and inter-school athletic meets.
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band A rated

        Al SAnAWbAR       Curriculum: Arabic/UK/US  Extracurricular activities: Football, art, gymnastics, Quran, LEGO
        SChool            Age: KG1 to Grade 12   and construction building, French, story and crafts, basketball,
        New Manasir       Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   chess, cooking and more.
        Al Ain            Apr-Jun
        03 767 9889       Fees: AED12,500 to AED26,600  Waiting list? On request
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band A rated

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