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SchoolS: ABU DhABI                                             Autumn Term 2017
      Al YASAT PRIvATE   curriculum: UAE/US  Facilities: Graphics, animation and photography studio, video-
      School            Age: KG1 to Grade 8  editing studio, three dubbing studios, audio-recording studio,
      Al Shamkha        Term dates: Apr-Jun,   preview theatre and chroma studio, green room, robotics lab,
      Abu Dhabi         Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar  science labs, dining, cafeteria, art rooms, orchestra/band room,
      02 641 2300       Fees: AED30,000 to   music rooms.
      02 584 8899       AED40,300  Waiting list? Yes  Extracurricular activities: Sports hall with game-court markings
                        Transport? Yes     for basketball, 300-seat gymnasium, cricket, tennis, volleyball,
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated  rugby, handball, netball, badminton, floor hockey and squash,
                                           outdoor football pitch, 25m swimming pool.

      Al ShohUB School    curriculum: Arabic/UK  Facilities: Science lab, computer, library.
      Behind Khalifa City A    Age: KG1 - Grade12
      Police Station    Term dates: Aug-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: Football, volleyball, swimming.
      Abu Dhabi         Jan-Apr, Apr-Jun
      02 555 9995       Fees: AED25,500 to      AED49,980
                        Waiting list? Yes
                        Transport? Yes,
                        from KG-Grade 6
                        ADEc Rated: N/A
      AmERIcAn          curriculum: US     Facilities: Swimming pool, technology facilities, library,
                        Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
                                           cafeteria, gymnasium, huge playground, separate
      commUnITY         Term dates: On request  playground for elementary.
      School oF ABU DhABI     Fees: AED42,800 to
      Abu Dhabi         AED78,300          Extracurricular activities: Band, choir, dance, fine arts, sports,
      02 681 5115       Waiting list? On request  arts, athletics, swimming.
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band A Rated
      AmERIcAn          curriculum: USA-based, with   Facilities: Two gyms, two swimming pools, grass soccer field,
      InTERnATIonAl     IB Primary Years and Diploma   drama room, six science labs, art rooms, computer labs, library,
      School In ABU DhABI     Programmes   smartboards in every classroom.
      Junction of Airport Road   Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
      & 29th Street     Term dates: Sep-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Many and varied.
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED30,500 to
      02 444 4333       AED55,500       Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: N/A

      AUSTRAlIAn School   curriculum: Arabic/Australian/  Facilities: Fully air-conditioned international-standard 27m
      oF ABU DhABI      International Baccalaureate  swimming pool, soccer fields, state-of-the-art gymnasium,
      Khalifa City B    Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  three science labs for general science, biology, chemistry and
      Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   physics, computer lab with over 120 computers with internet
      02 586 6980       Apr-Jul.           access available, separate playgrounds for each division, a  Fees: AED14,975 to AED35,534  well-equipped modern kindergarten section with adventure areas
                        Waiting list? Yes  and swings.
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated  Extracurricular activities: Physical education, arts and crafts,
                                           cooking, playing, music.
      BElvEDERE BRITISh   curriculum: UK   Facilities: State-of-the-art classrooms, ICT.
      School            Age: FS1 to Year13
      Mohamed Bin Zayed City    Term dates: Jan-Mar  Extracurricular activities: Physical education, arts, music, school
      Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED23,000 to   trips, school clubs, after-school club.
      02 559 5525       AED30,000  Waiting list? Yes
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEc Rated: Band B Rated

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