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Better Education                                               Autumn Term 2017
        CAnADiAn          Curriculum: Canadian  Facilities: Gym complex, including 25m swimming pool, activity
        inTERnATionAl     Age: KG1 to Grade 12  rooms for music and drama, large science laboratory, libraries.
        SChool            Term dates: On request  Every classroom is wired to a computer, printer and projector.
        Khalifa City A    Fees: AED 33,075 to
        Abu Dhabi         AED 44,494         Extracurricular activities: A wide variety of indoor as well as
        02 556 4206       Waiting list? Yes  outdoor activities.   Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band A Rated

                          Curriculum: British   Facilities: Science labs, library, computer labs, large playground.
        CREATivE bRiTiSh
        SChool            Age: KG1 to Grade 10
        Musaffah          Term dates: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul,   Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, soccer,
        Abu Dhabi         Sep-Dec            badminton, tennis, table tennis, cricket, volleyball. Regular
        02 552 3700       Fees: AED7,000 to AED18,000  inter-house and inter-school athletic meets.   Waiting list? Yes
                          Transport? No
                          ADEC Rated: Band B Rated

        CRAnlEiGh SChool   Curriculum: British IGCSE    Facilities: State-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, three
        Abu DhAbi         & A Level          libraries, two dining rooms, sports hall, two swimming pools, two
        Saadiyat Island   Age: FS1 to Year 10  grass pitches, tennis courts, gym, 650-seat auditorium, three band
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul,   rooms, recital room, outdoor play, music rooms, science building.
        02 497 0000       Sep-Dec      Fees: AED65,000 to AED96,333  Extracurricular activities: Performing arts, rugby, cricket,
                          Waiting list? For some year   football, athletics, netball, basketball, swimming, ballet, dance,
                          groups             gymnastics, tennis, hockey, beach activities and sports, paddle
                          Transport? No      boarding, sailing, horse riding, chess club, art mural, jewellery
                          ADEC Rated: Band A Rated  making, debating and many more.
        DiyAFAh           Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Interactive IT integrated into all classrooms, specialist
        inTERnATionAl     Age: FS1 to Year 9  facilities for music, art and foreign languages, fully-equipped
        SChool            Term dates: Sep-Dec,   science labs and computer labs, shaded play areas, including
        Mohammed Bin Zayed City  Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun  basketball and tennis courts, AstroTurf football pitch, large
        Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED25,900 to   multi-purpose hall.
        02 558 5665 Ext No 106  AED34,200
        registrar@        Waiting list? Yes  Extracurricular activities: Music, craft, chess, football, rugby,  Transport? AED 5000  eco, art club, film club, story writing in English, story writing  ADEC Rated: Good  in Arabic

        EliTE PRivATE     Curriculum: Arabic/US  Facilities: Large library, well-equipped internet-connected
        SChool            Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  computer lab, science labs, health services, canteen,
        Al Mushrif        Term dates: On request  cafeteria, outdoor sporting facilities.
        Abu Dhabi         Term dates: AED23,500 to
        02 447 5800       AED31,000          Extracurricular activities: Football, basketball, volleyball  Waiting list? No   and handball, inter-school tournaments, art contests, annual
                          Transport? Yes     parties and science exhibitions, trips to fun parks and
                          ADEC Rated: Band B Rated  places inside and outside Abu Dhabi.

        EmiRATES          Curriculum: Arabic/UK  Facilities: Large playing fields, computer and science
        nATionAl SChool      Age: Pre-KG to Grade 12   laboratories, libraries, gymnasiums and swimming pools.
        Mohamed Bin Zayed City    Term dates: Sep-Jan
        Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED21,800 to AED56,800  Extracurricular activities: All types of indoor and outdoor
        02 559 0000       Waiting list? Yes  activities are on offer.
        800 2008          Transport? Yes        ADEC Rated: Band C Rated

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