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Better Education
                                                         the AlphA School openS
                                                         in dUbAi
                                                         the start of term also sees the
                                                         launch of the Alpha School
                                                         ( in Al Qusais,
                                                         dubai. following the british
                                                         national curriculum, the school
                                                         incorporates enquiry-based
                                                         methodologies through a skills-
                                                         focused approach.
                                                           “Alpha teachers facilitate
                                                         relevant learning in blended
                                                         contexts where collaboration,
                                                         critical thinking, creativity and
                                                         communication skills are as
                                                         important as the acquisition
                                                         of knowledge,” says founding
                                                         principal rachel cashin. “our
                                                         students have access to the most
                                                         current technologies, including
                                                         one-to-one devices, to make sure
                                                         that learning is personalised
                                                         and meaningful.”

         one And All
         riverston children’s centre
         (rcc), a hub dedicated to working
         with children’s individual and
         specific learning needs, opened
         its doors this year in the Umm
         Suqeim area of dubai.
           next month sees the launch of
         its early intervention programme,
         which offers a structure that
         provides all children with a sense
         of security in a familiar routine.
            “We believe in genuine
         inclusion and that all children
         can progress in their learning
         when provided with the right
         resources and an appropriate
         level of support,” enthuses Jackie
         harland, director of riverston
         Group ltd.
           rcc ( is
         currently taking registrations and
         showing parents around.

                                                         field trip choice
                                                         in tribute to a profession that
                                                         has helped uncover the story of
                                                         historical sites such as Mleiha,
                                                         one of the region’s most important
                                                         archaeological sites, Sharjah
                                                         Archeologists exhibition at
                                                         Sharjah Archaeology Museum
                                                         ( will run
                                                         until May 2018. discover how
                                                         archeologists go about excavating
                                                         a site and documenting their finds
                                                         with displays that reveal their
                                                         scientific working methods.

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