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Better Education
        ThE inTERnATionAl   Curriculum: Choueifat/SABIS  Facilities: Gym complex, including 25m swimming pool,
        SChool oF         Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  activity rooms for music and drama, large science lab, libraries.
        ChouEiFAT         Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Every classroom is wired to a computer, printer and projector.
        KhAliFA CiTy      Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul
        Khalifa City A    Fees: AED20,000 to   Extracurricular activities: Many varieties of indoor and
        Abu Dhabi         AED35,300          outdoor activities.
        02 556 2555       Waiting list? Yes
        02 556 2511       Transport? Yes
        02 556 2522       ADEC Rated: Band B Rated

        ThE ShEiKh zAyED   Curriculum: American/UAE  Facilities: Swimming pool, full-size gymnasium, theatre, library,
        PRivATE ACADEmy   Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12  playing areas for KG, gymnasium in each building, Knowledge
        (A GEmS SChool)   Term dates: Sep-Jun  Centre in the secondary school, library in elementary school,
        Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED29,000 to   ICT laboratory in both schools, one prayer room in each of the
        02 619 5555       AED66,900          elementary and secondary schools, three science laboratories in         Waiting list? On request  the secondary school and one in the elementary School.
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band A Rated  Extracurricular activities: Sports, arts, The Leadership
                          (Very Good)        curriculum, The My Identity programme, Quran memorisation,
                                             Computer Explorers club.
        SummiT            Curriculum: North    Facilities: Outdoor area, gymnasium, medical clinic, library,
                                             science lab, ICT lab.
        inTERnATionAl     Age: Kindergarten to Grade 5
        SChool            Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: Book fair, basketball, football,
        Street 19         Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul   computing, cooking, music, art and handcrafts.
        Abu Dhabi         Fees: AED18,700 to AED25,300
        02 622 2504       Waiting list? No
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band B Rated
        ThE CAmbRiDGE     Curriculum: British  Facilities: Kindergarten playground, swimming pool, science
        hiGh SChool       Age: FS2 to Year 13  labs, audio-visual rooms, computer labs, music studios, tennis
        (A GEmS SChool)   Term dates: Sep-Jun  and volleyball court, auditorium, library, art studios, books and
        Mohammed bin Zayed City,   Fees: AED14,500 to AED30,700  uniform stores, medical care, school cafeteria, prayer room.
        Mussafah          Waiting list? On request
        Abu Dhabi         Transport? Yes     Extracurricular activities: Field trips, cultural events,
        02 552 1621       ADEC Rated: Band A Rated  environmental and social-service projects, sporting activities,   (Good)        campaigns, cooking, journalism, drama, art and crafts, fashion                 design, computers, pottery.
                                         Al Ain
        AbDullAh bin      Curriculum British  Extracurricular activities: A variety of extra and cocurricular
        zubAiR PRivATE    Age: KG1 to Grade 7  activities adds breadth to the curriculum. Along with this
        SChool            Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   enriched curriculum, discipline, character and behaviour
        Behind Al Maqam    Apr-Jun           development are taken into serious consideration.
        Health Centre     Fees: AED13,000 to AED21,000
        Al Ain            Waiting list? On request
        03 768 0551       Transport? Yes
        03 768 0553       ADEC Rated: Band C Rated

        Abu DhAbi iSlAnD   Curriculum American  Facilities: A caring approach is developing students with positive
        inTERnATionAl     Age: Year 3 to Year 12  attitudes who are keen to learn.
        PRivATE SChool    Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,
        Al Ain            Apr-Jun
        03 722 7666       Fees: AED15,000 to AED21,000    Waiting list? On request    Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band C Rated

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