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Al ADhWA PRivATE   Curriculum: American  Facilities: Details are available on request.
      SChool            Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
      FAlAJ HAZAA       Term dates: Sep-Jun
      Al Ain            Fees: AED7,200 to AED26,708
      03 782 8870       Waiting list? On request  Transport? Yes  ADEC Rated: Rated acceptable
                        by ADEC

      Al Ain AmERiCAn   Curriculum: US     Facilities Science labs, library, computer labs, large playground.
      PRivATE SChool    Age: KG1 to Year 7
      Al- Asharej District  Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, soccer,
      Al Ain            Jan-Apr, Apr-Jun   badminton, tennis, table tennis, cricket, volleyball. Regular
      03 767 5030       Fees: AED14,000 to   inter-house and inter-school athletic meets.  AED24,000
                        Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEC Rated: Band A Rated

      Al Ain EnGliSh    Curriculum: English National   Facilities Sports centre, grass field, two swimming pools (one
                                           25m), large gymnasium, new basketball court, indoor running
      SPEAKinG SChool    Age: KG1 to Year 13   track, new drama and art studios, two playground areas for the
      Schools Road      Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   primary school, multipurpose hall, medium-sized library, sixth-
      Falaj Hazzaa      Apr-Jun            form common room, three separate buildings for the primary
      Al Ain            Fees: AED20,500 to   school, four science labs, three ICT labs, basketball court, small
      03 767 8636/7     AED41,000 per year  mosque for Muslim students with segregated areas for boys and
                        Waiting list? On request  girls, fenced playground for KS2, shaded areas in all parts of the
                        Transport? Yes     school to eat lunch, canteen facilities.
                        ADEC Rated: Band B Rated
      Al Ain            Curriculum: English   Facilities: Two swimming pools, art room, music room,
      inTERnATionAl     Age: FS to Year 10   auditorium, library, PE hall, playing field, large shaded courtyard,
      SChool            Term dates: Aug-Dec, Jan-Mar,   mosque, ICT suite.
      Al Salam Street   Apr-Jun
      Sarooj            Fees: AED39,600 to AED51,975  Extracurricular activities: Animal stories in Quran, Arabic
      Al Ain            Waiting list? On request  calligraphy, art and craft, athletics, ball games, basketball camp,
      03 715 1000       Transport? Yes     book club, Chinese for beginners, construction club, cookery,  ADEC Rated: Band A Rated  craftwork through sewing, dodgeball, drama, football, French,
                                           guitar club, hockey, jewellery making and crafts, iPad club,
                                           Playdough Fantastico, showcase dance performance class,
                                           science club, Spanish for beginners, swimming for beginners.
      Al AnDAluS PRivATE   Curriculum: Arabic, Islamic  Facilities: Outdoor area, gymnasium, medical clinic, library,
      ACADEmy           Age: FS1 to Year 12  science lab, ICT lab.
      Falaj Hazza       Term dates: Aug-Dec, Jan-Mar,
      Al Ain            Apr-Jun
      03 782 9980       Fees: AED7,272 to AED14,325  Waiting list? On request  Transport? Yes
                        ADEC Rated: N/A

      Al DAR PRivATE    Curriculum: Arabic, UAE,   Facilities: Supporting students to be scientifically and
      SChool            Islamic            educationally efficient, all facilities and activities are offered for
      Musaibeekh        Age: FS1 to Year 11  reservation during school hours. Students are also encouraged
      Al Foaaa          Term dates: Aug-Dec, Jan-Mar,   to be responsible for their own interests.
      Al Ain            Apr-Jun
      03 783 2215       Fees: AED4,100 to AED12,600   Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEC Rated: Acceptable
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