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Better Education
        Al Ain KhAlEEj    Curriculum: American  Facilities: Details are available on request.
        PRivATE SChool    Age: KG to Grade 12
        Schools Road      Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,
        Falaj Hazzaa      Apr-Jun
        Al Ain            Fees: AED7,150 to AED14,690
        03 781 1232       Waiting list? On request  Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Weak (ADEC)

        Al iTTihAD nATionAl   Curriculum: Arabic/US  Extracurricular activities: After-school, karate, soccer and
        PRivATE SChool    Age: KG1 to Year 12   swimming are offered for students on a daily basis, field trips
        Schools Road      Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   to the zoo, fire brigade, Sharjah scientific museum, malls and
        Falaj Hazzaa      Apr-Jun            parks; occasional celebrations include red day, purple day, traffic
        Al Ain            Fees: AED 16,100 to     day, science fair, drama and play day, and production day; sport
        03 781 1164       AED 27,800         tournaments include football matches, sports day, basketball     Waiting list? On request  matches and badminton matches.
                          Transport? Yes
                          ADEC Rated: Band A Rated

        AlDAR ACADEmiES   Curriculum: English National   Facilities: Two swimming pools, art room, music room, auditorium,
        Al Ain ACADEmy    Curriculum         library, P.E. hall, playing field, large shaded courtyard, mosque,
        Al Salam Street   Age: FS1 to Year 12  multimedia suites.
        Sarooj Al Ain     Term dates: Sept-Dec, Jan-
        03 715 1000       March, Apr-Jun     Extracurricular activities: Animal stories in Quran, Arabic calligraphy,   Fees AED 39,600 to   art and craft, athletics, ball games, basketball camp, book club,
                          AED 57,330 per year  Chinese for beginners, construction club, cookery, craftwork through
                          Waiting list? On request  sewing, dodgeball, drama, football, French, guitar club, hockey,
                          Transport? Yes     jewellery making and crafts, iPad club, Playdough Fantastico,
                          ADEC Rated: Very good  showcase dance performance class, science club, Spanish for
                                             beginners, swimming for beginners.
        Al SAAD inDiAn    Curriculum: CBSE   Extracurricular activities: A wide range of after-school clubs
        SChool            Age: KG1 to Grade 7  and activities are planned for students of all levels, including
        Al Bateen         Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   dance, music and arts. All these are offered to children for them
        Sector Al Ghadeer   Apr-Jun          to choose from. There are also regular sessions from visiting
        Al Ain            Fees: AED7,500 to AED10,000  performers and scholars from India to give children a better
        03 785 2232       Waiting list? On request  vision of India, its culture and heritage.
        056 333 4210      Transport? Yes
        056 703 3925      ADEC Rated: Band C Rated

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