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SChoolS: Abu DhAbi/DubAi                                       Autumn Term 2017
      bRiGhTon CollEGE   Curriculum: British  Extracurricular activities: In any given week there are up to 100
      Al Ain            Age: FS1 to Year 13  clubs and societies that meet over the course of the college day,
      03 713 3999       Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr,   including Arabic poetry, art masterclass, badminton, beginners’  Apr-Jun     Mandarin, canoeing, the charity and community club, chess,
                        Fees: AED49,907 to   computing club, drama, the English society, football, golf, the
                        AED79,000          iPad club, karate, mural club, musical theatre, octopush, science
                        Waiting list? On request  club, surfing, swimming and trampolining.
                        Transport? Yes
                        ADEC Rated: Band A Rated

      ouR oWn EnGliSh   Curriculum: Indian CBSE    Facilities: Sports fields, music and art and craft rooms, general
      hiGh SChool       and National Curriculum     science labs, computer laboratories, library, outdoor covered
      (A GEmS SChool)   for England        play areas, activity rooms.
      Al Ain            Age: Kindergarten to Grade 12
      03 767 9747       Term dates: Apr-Mar  Extracurricular activities: Assembly presentations, annual  Fees: AED4,600 to AED9,200  festivals for performing and fine arts, sports, creative science,  Waiting list? On request  elocution in many languages together with Olympiads in
                        Transport? Yes     mathematics. Inter-school competition including the school’s
                        ADEC Rated: Band B Rated   ‘Middles’ Soccer Tournament.
      ADAb iRAniAn      Curriculum: Iranian  Facilities: Football pitch, basketball court, computer
      PRivATE SChool    Age: KG1 to Grade 12  labs, libraries.
      Al Qusais         Term dates: Sep-Jan,
      Dubai             Jan-May            Extracurricular activities: Swimming, skiing, football, running
      04 263 3405       Fees: AED8,572 to AED18,367   and all kinds of sports activities.   AED  Waiting list? No
                        Transport? Yes
                        KhDA rating: Acceptable
      Al AmEEn SChool   Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Library, medical facility, science laboratories, activity
      Al Nahda 2        Age: FS1 to Grade 10  room, ICT suite, auditorium.
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Jan,
      04 267 7100       Jan-May            Extracurricular activities: Field trips and martial arts. The school  Fees: AED9,084 to AED10,296  also has an outdoor basketball court and games like badminton,      Waiting list? No   netball, volleyball, football and cricket are included. Twice
                        Transport? Yes     a week, after school, students of Years 7, 8 and 9 are taken
                        KhDA rating: Good  to the nearby Dubai Sports Club, which has professional
                                           sports facilities.

      Al DiyAFAh        Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Interactive boards, library, science labs, computer lab,
      hiGh SChool       Age: FS1 to Year 13, 3years to   music and art, clinic, prayer room, playground, canteen.
      Al Nadha 2        18 years
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Dec,   Extracurricular activities: MUN, Vedic math, Robotics, STEM
      04 267 1115, Ext No. 223   Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun  (science, technology, engineering and math), ballet and dance  Fees: AED10,405-AED22,085  class, tennis, drama, literary club.       Waiting list? Yes
                        Transport? Yes
                        KhDA rating: Good

      Al EmAn PRivATE   Curriculum: MOE    Extracurricular activities: Sports, including participation in the
      SChool            Age: KG1 to Grade 9  Dubai Cup contest, private technical education activities.
      Rashidiya         Term dates: Sep-Jun
      Dubai             Fees: AED5,573 to AED8,304
      04 285 8589       Waiting list? Yes  Transport? Yes
                        KhDA rating: Acceptable

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