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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      al NooR cENTRE    curriculum: Special needs  Facilities: A fully equipped, custom-built facility for
      FoR childREN WiTh   age: 3 to 18+    intellectually-challenged children between the ages of three and
      SpEcial NEEdS     Term dates: Sep-Jun  18+, including special education, physiotherapy, speech therapy,
      Al Barsha 1       Fees: On request   occupational therapy, psychological services, computer training
      Dubai             Waiting list? Yes  and vocational training.
      04 340 4844       Transport? Yes  Khda rating: N/A   Extracurricular activities: Physical education including
                                           swimming, gym training, track events and team games. Music and
                                           dance, art and craft, yoga, social club.

      al RaShid         curriculum: MOE    Facilities: Library, science labs, healthcare, multipurpose halls
      al SalEh School   age: KG1 to Grade 12  and a computer lab.
      Oud Metha         Term dates: Sep-May
      Dubai             Fees: AED8,354 to AED12,801  Extracurricular activities: Sport, music and arts.
      04 337 6126       Waiting list? No
      s.samira.ayoub@alrashed-  Transport? Yes       Khda rating: Good

      al Sadiq iSlamic   curriculum: UK    Facilities: Science labs, indoor hall, activity rooms.
                        age: KG1 to Grade 11
      ENgliSh School    Term dates: Sep-Nov,    Extracurricular activities: Educational trips, picnics and
      Al Qusais         Nov-Mar, Mar-Jun   outings, Qiraat competitions.
      Dubai             Fees: AED4,118 to AED8,348
      04 263 4083  Waiting list? Yes   Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Acceptable
      al Salam          curriculum: UK     Facilities: Computer labs, science labs, multipurpose hall,
      pRivaTE School    age: FS1 to Grade 11  libraries, clinics, resource centres.
      Al Nahda          Term dates: Sep-Jun
      Dubai             Fees: AED12,482 to AED27,899   Extracurricular activities: Ballet, gymnastics, kidzart, soccer,
      04 267 9594       Waiting list? No   boxing, table tennis, board games, cooking.  Transport? Yes  Khda rating: Good

      al ShoRouq pRivaTE   curriculum: MOE  Facilities: Football pitch and basketball court.
      School            age: KG1 to Grade 12
      Jumeirah 1        Term dates: Sep-May  Extracurricular activities: Contact school for more information.
      Dubai             Fees: AED6,519 to AED10,840
      04 344 0765       Waiting list? No
      04 344 2026       Transport? Yes   Khda rating: Acceptable

      al ThuRaya School   curriculum: MOE  Facilities: Football, basketball, computer labs, libraries.
      Garhoud           age: KG1 to Grade 12
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Jan, Feb-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Swimming, skiing, football, running
      04 282 4964       Fees: AED6,625 to AED12,801  and a wide variety of sports activities.   Waiting list? No      Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Unsatisfactory

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