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Get Outside                                                    Autumn Term 2017

           nature’s playground

                From making mud pies to tending to gardens, nurseries and schools in Dubai are
                 teaching young learners to connect with nature in simple and wonderful ways

      It’s no secret that connecting with   Minds Nurseries. “Research
      nature transforms us into healthier   shows that when children play in
      and happier people. A study   a nature-inspired environment,
      by the University of Derby and   learning is more meaningful.
      The Wildlife Trust, in particular,   Nature also reduces stress,
      concluded that children exposed to   makes learning more memorable,
      nature demonstrate improved self-  increases levels of motivation,
      esteem, creativity and, in some   encourages self-esteem and
      cases, alleviated the symptoms   strengthens the child’s
      of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity   immune system.”
      Disorder (ADHD).          Dovecote Nursery manager
       “If you ask an adult about   Mena Press agrees: “Young
      some of the fondest moments   children who play regularly in
      they remember as a child, you will   natural environments show more
      find that a large number of these   advanced motor skills, including
      memories happened outside in   coordination and balance, and they
      nature,” says Bernadette King-  get sick less often. Nature helps
      Turner, founding partner and   children develop creativity and
      managing director of Beautiful   instills a sense of peace.”
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