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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      dubai bRiTiSh     curriculum: UK/British   Facilities: Large, multi-purpose indoor hall; state-of-the-art
      FouNdaTioN (dbF)  age: 3 to 5 years  classrooms with direct access to shaded outdoor learning
      Jumeirah Islands  Term dates: Sep-Jun  spaces; specialist music room; specialist language room; built-in
      off 1st Road      Fees: AED60,000 for FS 1 and 2   library in each room; outdoor, fully shaded swimming pool; indoor
      Dubai             Waiting list? On request  learning spaces; health centre; outdoor playing area.
      04 5587308 (ext 802)  Transport? No  Khda rating: N/A  Extracurricular activities: Ballet, tap, football, cooking,                    swimming, cosmic yoga, Arabic songs and stories, music and
                                           movement, arts and craft, sensory play, stories in motion,
                                           Apple Apps.

      dubai bRiTiSh     curriculum: UK/British  Facilities: Science lab, art studio, drama and dance studio, music/
      School JumEiRah   age: 1 -8 Years; Higher year groups   recording and practice, design technology suite, school radio studio
      paRK (dbSJp)      will open from 2017 onwards.  and station, food technology lab, a 550-seatre performing arts theatre,
      Jumeirah Park     Term dates: Sep - Dec , Jan - Apr,   innovation centre for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
      Dubai             Apr - Jun          learning and CAD (computer-aided design), swimming pool with training
      04 552 0247 (ext 603/605)  Fees: AED65,000 to AED75,000   pool, dining room with a unique dining experience, shaded outdoor   Waiting list? On request  learning space.  Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Inspection will take   Extracurricular activities: Sports, languages, academic interests,
                        place after 3 years of operating  plus a great variety of clubs and community initiatives.
      daR al maREFa     curriculum: IB     Facilities: Library, science labs, IT centre, clinics, gymnasium,
                                           playgrounds, sport fields.
                        age: KG1 to 11
      pRivaTE School    Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      Mirdif            Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Football, basketball, baseball, music,
      Dubai             Fees: AED30,676 to   drama, French language.
      04 288 5782       AED64,800    Waiting list? On request
                        Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Good
      dEiRa iNTERNaTioNal  curriculum: UK/IB  Facilities: Libraries, computer labs, sports studies and science
      School            age: KG1 to Grade 12  laboratories, creative art classrooms, design and technology
      Festival City     Term dates: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar,   classrooms, peripatetic and instrumental music rooms, drama
      Dubai             Apr-Jun            studio, a business studies centre, indoor gymnasium, outdoor
      04 232 5552       Fees: AED38,328 to AED77,222  swimming pool and large sports fields.  Waiting list? Yes       Transport? Yes     Extracurricular activities: Fitness, swimming, golf, basketball,
                        Khda rating: Very Good  football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, badminton, karate, touch
                                           rugby, drumming, dance, band, recorder, photography, chess,
                                           philosophy, robotics/computer programming, and much more.
      dElhi pRivaTE     curriculum: Indian (CBSE)  Facilities: Libraries, computer labs, auditorium, music
      School dubai      age: KG1 to Grade 12  and dance halls, audio-visual labs. Conference room
      The Gardens/Jebel Ali  Term dates: Sep-Dec,    with a smart board, comprehensive sports complex,
      Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   basketball and volleyball courts, indoor play areas for table
      04 882 1848       Fees: AED9,682 to AED13,555  tennis, badminton, chess.  Waiting list? On request      Transport? Yes     Extracurricular activities: Public speaking, poetry recitation,
                        Khda rating: Good  elocution, debate and drama, music, dance, art and craft,
                                           athletics, cricket, basketball, football, indoor games
                                           and swimming.
      dElhi public School   curriculum: Indian  about: At DPS Academy, schooling is a seamless blend of
      acadEmy           age: KGI to Grade 9  academic excellence, with art, craft, music, theatre and sports,
      Academic City     Term dates: Sep-Jun  including basketball, football, cricket, throwball, badminton,
      Dubai             Fees: AED21,674 to AED34,059  table tennis, judo, swimming.
      04 363 2500       Khda rating: Acceptable

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