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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      gEmS al baRSha    curriculum: UK     Facilities: Interactive whiteboards/LED displays, sports, playing
      NaTioNal School   age: Foundation Stage 1 to   fields, six-lane swimming pool, dedicated learner pool, two fully-
      Al Barsha South 2  Year 9            resourced libraries, science and ICT labs, robotics, innovative
      Dubai             Term dates: September,   design technology and visual arts, music, drama and dance,
      04 506 9222       January and April  performance theatre, a multi-function space, prayer rooms.  Fees: AED37,000 to  AED57,000  Extracurricular activies: School magazine, book club, debating,
                        (10% discount for 2017-18)  poetry, languages, science, robotics, sports, chess, music,
                        Waiting list? On request  dance, drama, English, maths and Arabic enrichment, art and
                        Transport? Yes     craft, Quran club, cooking, cartoon club, Arabic reading and
                        Khda rating: N/A   writing club (in support of UAE Reading Year 2016).
      gEmS FiRSTpoiNT   curriculum: UK/ A Levels  Facilities: ICT classrooms with discovery space, libraries, art
      School – ThE villa  age: Kindergarten to Year 13    and design studios, food technology catering suite, engineering
      Dubailand         Term dates: September,   workshops, design technology workshops, 500-seat auditorium,
      Dubai             January and April  25m swimming pool, six-court sports hall, specialist drama space and
      04 278 9700       Fees: AED39,368 to   black box theatre space, music technology suite.  AED67,340  Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Basketball, gymnastics, recorder club,
                        Transport? Yes     keyboard group, board games, Arabic stories, robotics, art and crafts
                        Khda rating: Good  club, athletics club, computer club, jewellery club, Arabic cooking,
                                           Arabic stories, film club, netball club, Quran reciting, Islamic studies
                                           and Quran reading, multi-sports, story club.
      gEmS FouNdERS     curriculum: UK     Facilities: Art, music, ICT, a state-of-the-art science lab, indoor
                                           play areas, multipurpose hall, and outdoor sport facilities.
                        age: Foundation Stage 1 to
      School            Year 9
      Al Barsha South   Term dates: September,   Extracurricular activies: Language programme (Arabic and
      Dubai             January and April  French), debating, poetry, music, dance, throwball, cricket,
      04 519 5222       Fees: from AED22,000 to   football, volleyball, art and craft club, theatre, charity, events,  AED29,000 (Discounted fees   subject-based weeks, visiting speakers, plays, pageants,
                        20,900 to 27,550)  debating competitions, spelling bees, elocution competitions,
                        Waiting list? On request  poetry and story recitation competitions, World Maths Day,
                        Transport? Yes     assemblies, book sales, field trips, overseas trips.
                        Khda rating: N/A
     gEmS hERiTagE      curriculum: CBSE Indian  Facilities: Specialist art, discovery, and digital learning/ ICT
     iNdiaN School      age: Kindergarten to Grade 8  areas, dedicated libraries, science, food technology, design
     Phase 2 Bldg., GEMS New   Term dates: April -Mar  and robotics labs, collaborative learning spaces, dedicated
     Millennium School  Fees: AED14,000 to   achievement centres, sports courts, cricket.
     Al Khail Road      AED20,000(Discounted
     04 445 2960/445 2965  fees:9,800 to 14,000)  Extracurricular activities: Music, dance, drama, cricket, reading,   Waiting list? On request  drama, choir, basketball, robotics, badminton, football, karate,
     gemsheritageindianschool-  Transport? Yes  art, dance, fitness, gymnastics, ballet, chess, performing arts.          Khda rating: N/A
      gEmS iNTERNaTioNal   curriculum: IB  Facilities: Science, technology, visual and performing arts,
      School – al Khail   age: KG1 to G11  recreation, sports, fitness, 25m swimming pool with six lanes,
      Al Khail          Term dates: Sep-Apr  learner pool, black box theatre, cafeteria, dance studio, multi-
      Dubai             Fees: AED47,477 to AED72,000  purpose performance and sports hall, amphitheatre, full-sized
      04 339 6200       Waiting list? On request  football pitch, library, medical centre, recording studio, food and  Transport? Yes  textile labs, 10 science (biology, physics, chemistry) labs.
      gemsinternationalschool-  Khda rating: Good                          Extracurricular activities: Specialty classrooms for science,
                                           technology, visual and performing arts, recreation, sports
                                           and fitness.
      gEmS JumEiRah     curriculum: UK     Facilities: Library and discovery centre, music studios, ICT labs,
      pRimaRy School    age: FS1 to Year 6  art studio, gymnasium, pool, tennis courts, grassed playing field,
      Jumeirah 3        Term dates: Sep-Jun  synthetic turf playing areas, parent areas and meeting rooms.
      Dubai             Fees: AED40,036 to
      04 394 3500       AED50,466          Extracurricular activities: Sports, visual arts, performing  Waiting list? On request  arts, music, drama, ballet, board games, book club, cartoon,  Transport? Yes  chess, choir, clay modelling, computer, cookery, cross stitch,  Khda rating: Outstanding  digital blue, digital photography, drama, French, horse riding,
                                           jewellery making, karate, dance, origami, papier mâché, playball,
                                           recorders, rock climbing, rounders, sailing, science, sewing and
                                           collage, weaving.

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