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        gEms mETRopolE    Curriculum: UK     Facilities: ICT and libraries, digital media, science labs, music,
        sCHool – moToR CiTy  Age: FS1 to Y11  art, sports provisions, including a swimming pool.
        Honsho Road       Term dates: September-April
        Dubai             Fees: AED33,792 to   Extracurricular activities: Swimming, basketball, tennis,
        04 550 7200       AED45,056          badminton, double-Dutch, gymnastics, yoga, hockey, English,  Waiting list? On request  arts and crafts, book club, Arabic, homework club, murals, ELL  Transport? Yes  support, puzzles, film, alphabet, sticker, Islamic history, French,
                          KHDA rating: Acceptable   scrapbooking, ultimate frisbee, music, history, painting, netball,
                                             Quran club, origami craft, reading, singing, mosaicking, touch
                                             rugby, drawing, gifted and talented maths.

        gEms moDERN       Curriculum: Indian CISCE / IB  Facilities: Activity room and outdoor play area, art and craft,
        ACADEmy           Age: KG1 to Grade  12  library, science laboratories, ICT, swimming pool, auditorium.
        Nad Al Sheba 3    Term dates: Mar-Apr
        Dubai             Fees: AED 28,065 to   Extracurricular activities: Drama, music, dance, creative
        04 326 3339       AED51,364 / IB-66,917  communication, visual arts, creative festival, sporting activities.  Waiting list? On request  Transport? Yes
                          KHDA rating: Outstanding

        gEms NEW          Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Indoor and outdoor kindergarten play areas,
                                             multipurpose sports hall/auditorium, art and craft, dance and
                          Age: KG1 to Grade10
        millENNium sCHool   Term dates: Apr-Mar  drama studios, primary and secondary canteens, libraries, ICT/
        Al Khail          Fees: AED20,963 to   business study centre, science labs, music, specialist teaching/
        Dubai             AED29,348          language, technology, medical centre, covered play areas, multi-
        04 445 2900       Waiting list? On request  sport games area.  Transport? Yes
        gemsnewmillenniumschool-  KHDA rating: Good  Extracurricular activities: Day boarding school and PACT
                                             (programme for appreciation and cultivation of talent) is an
                                             integral part of the curriculum of the school. PACT is conducted
                                             thrice a week and is available for students of Grades 3 to 9 only.
        gEms ouR oWN      Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: School mosque, library, computer science centre,
        ENglisH           Age: Kindergarten to    science laboratories, art studio, music studio, playing field,
        HigH sCHool       Grade 12           kindergarten play area.
        Al Warqa 3        Term dates: Apr-Mar
        Dubai             Fees: AED7,090 to AED15,002  Extracurricular activities: Physical education, public
        04 236 1335       Waiting list? On request  speaking, visual arts, environment club, performing arts,
        communication_ood@  Transport? Yes   overnight camps, activity club, mentoring, workshops,       KHDA rating: Very Good  Olympiads, educational trips, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.
        gEms ouR oWN      Curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Library, science labs, ICT labs, playing field, canteen,
        iNDiAN sCHool     Age: Kindergarten to    medical centre, career counseling, books store, outdoor KG and
        Al Quoz           Grade 12           primary play area, library.
        Dubai             Term dates: Apr-Mar
        04 339 1188       Fees: AED5,944 to AED12,117  Extracurricular activities: Interschool English debate,  Waiting list? On request  Interschool Drama Festival, visual arts, environment club,  Transport? Yes    performing arts, educational trips, community service,
                          KHDA rating: Good  Olympiads, workshops and mentoring.

        gEms RoyAl        Curriculum: UK     Facilities: Swimming pool and wading pool, large indoor multi-
        DubAi sCHool      Age: FS1 to Year6  purpose hall, sports, music suite, dance studio with sprung
        Mirdif            Term dates: Sep-Jun  floor, drama, arts and crafts, computer labs, libraries, including
        Dubai             Fees: AED37,554 to AED47,351  knowledge centre library and multimedia resource room.
        04 288 6499       Waiting list? On request  Transport? Yes  Extracurricular activities: Sports, ballet, karate, music, art, ICT,  KHDA rating: Outstanding  clay modelling, chess, cookery, Indian dancing, dance fusion,
                                             storytelling, Science Superstars, Glamour Club, maths, coding,
                                             Ultimate Frisbee.

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