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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      gREENFiEld        curriculum: IB Continuum   Facilities: Six-lane competitive swimming pool, learning pool, two
      commuNiTy School   World School, offers all four IB   sports fields, gymnasium, three tennis courts, dance and drama
      (gcS)             programmes         studio, two libraries, art studios, music rooms, shaded safe-play
      Dubai Investments Park  age: KG1 to Grade 12   areas, fully-equipped science labs, design and technology
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Jun  workshops, ICT labs, interactive white boards.
      04 885 6600 (ext 214)   Fees: AED41,441 to AED76,315  Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Art, golf play, puppet show, chess,       Transport? Yes     cooking, orchestra, digital design club, fun phonics, science,
                        Khda rating: Good with some   German, French, Quran, choir, online math games, dance, yoga,
                        areas Outstanding  netball, volleyball, basketball, rugby, football, athletics, sailing,
                                           scuba diving and water polo.
      gulF iNdiaN       curriculum: Indian (CBSE)   Facilities: Modern amenities, science labs, library, well-equipped
      high School       age: KG1 to Grade 12  clinic, science exhibition.
      Al Garhoud        Term dates: Monthly
      Dubai             Fees: AED3,368 to AED6,368  Extracurricular activities: Cricket, basketball, sports and
      04 282 4455       Waiting list? No   fitness programmes.  Transport? Yes     Khda rating: Acceptable

      haRTlaNd          curriculum: UK/IB  Facilities: Labs, computer science lab, food technology lab,
                                           design technology lab, clinic, auditorium green room, refectory,
                        age: FS1 to Year7
      iNTERNaTioNal                        football pitch, sports centre.
      School            Term dates: Sep-Jan,
      Mohammed Bin Rashid City  Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Science, music, sports, drama
      Dubai             Fees: AED49,750 to   and theatre.
      04 407 9444       AED80,000  Waiting list? Yes
                        Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: N/A
      hoRizoN           curriculum: UK     Facilities: Play areas, library, ICT suites, art rooms, sports,
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: FS1 to Year 12  swimming pool, science lab, auditorium, study room, splash pool,
      School            Term dates: Sep-Jun  design and technology.
      Umm Al Sheif      Fees: AED32,970 to
      Dubai             AED74,000          Extracurricular activities: The club provides supervised, quality
      04 342 2891       Waiting list? No   care in a safe and fun, informal play environment. Activities  Transport? Yes  include arts and crafts, playdough modelling, gross motor play,  Khda rating: Good  role play, puzzle time, outdoor/indoor play, DVDs.

      hoRizoN           curriculum: UK     Facilities: Two swimming pools, football, music centre, IT lab.
      School dubai      age: FS1 to Year 6
      Next to Al Safa Park   Term dates: Sep-Jun  Extracurricular activities: Football, bowling, netball,
      Dubai             Fees: AED38,074 to AED51,410  swimming squad, distance swimming, horse riding, karate,
      04 342 2891       Waiting list? No   football squad, dancing, rounders, yoga and ball skills.  Transport? Yes  Khda rating: Very good

      iNSTiTuTE oF      curriculum: IAT    Facilities: World-class classrooms and labs with cutting-
      appliEd           age: Grade 9 to Grade 12  edge technology, new learning resource centre/library with
      TEchNology        Term dates: Aug-Jan, Feb-May  dedicated reading rooms, technology centre for research and
      Al Qusais         Fees: Not applicable  comprehensive selection of books and reference materials for
      Dubai             Waiting list? No   students and staff.
      04 212 2888       Transport? Yes         Khda rating: N/A   Extracurricular activities: A broad range of indoor and
                                           outdoor activities.

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