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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      iNTERNaTioNal     curriculum: UK/US  Facilities: Library, three computer labs, three science
      School oF         age: KG1 to Grade 12  laboratories, exam hall, gymnastics and ballet rooms, large
      chouEiFaT         Term dates: Sep-Jun  multipurpose air-conditioned sports hall, a gymnasium, two
      Jebel Ali         Fees: AED19,368 to AED37,068  swimming pools, grass football field, outdoor courts, car tracks
      Dubai             Waiting list? No   for young students, playground equipment and indoor air-
      04 399 9444       Transport? Yes     conditioned play areas, plus a large auditorium and cafeteria.  Khda rating: Acceptable
                                           Extracurricular activities: Taekwondo, ballet and gymnastics.

      JumEiRah collEgE  curriculum: UK     Facilities: Interactive whiteboards in  every classroom, video
      (a gEmS School)   age: Year 7 to Year 13  conferencing room for distance-learning courses, design and
      Safa 1            Term dates: Sep-Jun  technology suite, communication and resource centre, music
      Dubai             Fees: AED71,508 to   suites and en-suite practice rooms, drama studio, art and
      04 395 5524       AED89,385          ceramic studios, science laboratories, multi-purpose sports hall,  Waiting list? On request  swimming pool, tennis/netball courts, playing fields.        Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Outstanding  Extracurricular activities: Drama, music, sports, diving, fashion,
                                           photography, snowboarding and skiing.

      JumEiRah ENgliSh   curriculum: UK/IB  Facilities: Large campus with shaded playgrounds, interactive
                        age: KG1 to Grade 12
                                           white boards in every classroom, two temperature-controlled
      SpEaKiNg School   Term dates: Sep-Jun  swimming pools, air-conditioned sports hall, P.E. studio, tennis
      (JESS)            Fees: AED36,506 to   and netball courts and floodlit sports field, extensive science
      aRabiaN RaNchES   AED86,006          and art/design facilities, purpose-built music centre, auditorium,
      bRaNch            Waiting list? Primary: yes;   amphitheatre, three drama studios and a library.
      Dubai             Secondary/6th form: on request
      04 361 9019       Transport? Yes     Extracurricular activities: A range of activities are offered  Khda rating: Outstanding  for all kinds of arts and sports as well as numerous music and
                                           performing arts opportunities (changes on a termly basis).
      JumEiRah ENgliSh   curriculum: UK    Facilities: Large campus with shaded playground areas,
      SpEaKiNg School   age: FS 1 to Year 6     interactive white boards in every classroom, two temperature-
      (JESS)            Term dates: Sep-June  controlled swimming pools, air-conditioned sports hall, multi-
      JumEiRah bRaNch   Fees: AED37,893 to   purpose P.E. studio, netball courts, large tiger-turf sports field,
      Al Safa 1         AED46,829          fully-equipped ICT and music departments with practice rooms,
      Dubai             Waiting list? Yes  well-resourced library.
      04 394 5515       Transport? Yes, for Year 3  and above          Extracurricular activities: A range of activities are offered,       Khda rating: Outstanding  covering all types of arts and sports, along with numerous music
                                           and performing arts opportunities.
      JSS iNTERNaTioNal   curriculum: Indian (CISCE)  Facilities: Library, IT labs with latest PC and WiFi internet
      School            age: KG1 to Grade 12  connection, project room, auditorium with a stage and
      al baRSha         Term dates: Sep-Dec,    800-seating capacity, counselling centre, labs for physics,
      Dubai             Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   chemistry, biology, math and language, audio visual room,
      04 325 6886       Fees: AED 13,626 to   lecture halls.  AED 35,557    Waiting list? No   Extracurricular activities: There are plenty of opportunities for
                        Transport? Yes     students to get trained and excel in various sports and games,
                        Khda rating: Good  such as athletics, squash, cricket, swimming, basket ball, chess,
                                           football, yoga, volley ball, table tennis.
      JSS pRivaTE School  curriculum: Indian(CBSE)  Facilities: Labs, audio visual room, library, auditorium,
      Near Safa Park    age: KG1 to Grade 12  counselling centre, cyberyard, bookstore, canteen, clinic.
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Dec,
      04 344 6419       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   Extracurricular activities: Islamic initiatives, heritage and  Fees: AED11,131 to AED23,059  culture of the UAE, global perspective, community involvement,    Waiting list? Yes  socio cultural activities, sports activities, inter-house activities,
                        Transport? Yes     tour and field trips, health, environmental initiatives, house
                        Khda rating: Good  system, swimming, cricket, basket ball, tennis, football, athletics,
                                           table tennis, badminton, volley ball, yoga, chess, art and culture.

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