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SchoolS: dubai                                                 Autumn Term 2017
      lycEE FRaNcaiS    curriculum: French  Facilities: Football, handball, tennis, multi-games, badminton,
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: KG1 to Grade 12  rugby, roller, slalom course, games, gymnastics, bellydancing,
      Dubai Academic City   Term dates: Sep-Nov, Dec-Mar,   basketball, martial arts, judo, kick-boxing, table tennis, theater,
      Dubai             Mar-Jun            fine arts, learning different drawing techniques (portrait,
      04 336 8552       Fees: AED25,459 to   watercolor, charcoal, sculpture), needlecraft, art and craft,
      04 396 0608       AED53,843          workroom, chess club, zumba, reggaeton, cumbia, rhythmic
      04 396 0607       Waiting list? No   gymnastics with ball, rope, club and ribbon, Arab theatre,  Transport? Yes  basketball, modern dance, jazz dance, singing and music,         Khda rating: Good  animated film, fencing, ciné club, web TV, modern art.

      lycEE FRaNcaiS    curriculum: French  Facilities: Computer labs, science labs, multipurpose hall, art
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: Grade 1 to Grade 12  rooms, libraries, clinics, playgrounds, resource centres, guidance
      gEoRgES pompidou   Term dates: Sep-Nov,    counselling.
      Dubai Academic City   Dec-Mar, Mar-Jun
      Dubai             Fees: AED24,289  to   Extracurricular activities: student council, drama, folklore,
      04 326 0026       AED51,370          piano, broadcast station, computer club, French club, science         Waiting list? No   club, math club, astronomy club.         Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Good

      lycEE libaNaiS    curriculum: French  Facilities: Spacious class room, basketball court and football
                                           field, science club, math club, art club.
                        age: KG1 to Grade 11
      FRaNcophoNE pRivE   Term dates: Sep-Nov, Dec-Mar,
      Al Muhaisnah      Mar-Jun            Extracurricular activities: Visit the website for a full list of high-
      Dubai             Fees: AED21,920 to    quality, inspirational after-school activities.
      04 264 0800       AED 41,752   Waiting list? No
                        Transport? Yes
                        Khda rating: Good
      miRdiFF pRivaTE
      School            curriculum: US     Facilities: Swimming pool, outdoor courts, gardens, outdoor
      Al Mizhar         age: KG1 to Grade 9  play area, activity room, drama room, music room, art room,
      Dubai             Term dates: Sep-Dec,    home economics room, science labs, computer lab, library and
      04 288 3303       Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun   resources room.  Fees: AED23,894 to AED37,638  Waiting list? No  Extracurricular activities: Sports, including swimming,
                        Transport? Yes     basketball, volleyball, football.
                        Khda rating: Acceptable

      oNTaRio           curriculum: US IB  Facilities: Science (chemistry, physics and biology) labs, visual
      iNTERNaTioNal     age: KG1 to Grade 8  arts classroom, theatre arts classroom, computer lab, library
      caNadiaN School   Fees: AED37,590 to   study hall, clinic, food services facilities, double gymnasium
      Algeria Road and 15 Street  AED63,000  swimming pool, designated outdoor play areas.
      Uptown Mirdiff    Waiting list? No
      Dubai             Transport? Yes
      04 255 9880       Khda rating: N/A
      04 255 9899

      ouR oWN high      curriculum: Indian CBSE  Facilities: Library, math lab, science
      School (a gEmS    age: Grade 1 to Grade 12  labs, computer science centre, playing field,
      School)           Term dates: Apr-Mar  school mosque.
      Al Warqa’a        Fees: AED8,557 to AED14,274
      Dubai             Waiting list? On request  Extracurricular activities: Visual arts, performing arts, public
      04 280 0077       Transport? Yes     speaking, Star of the Section Award, physical education,
      communication_oow@  Khda rating: Good  scouting, educational field trips, quiz club, environment club,                          Olympiads, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

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